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August 18th, 2013
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This years attendees of the RAC Ball were wowed by the extraordinary talents of Kinetica as they effortlessly transformed their bodies in mid-air above the diners. With stunning venue design and beautiful costumes, Kinetica added magic to this years special event.

For more information on Kinetica visit

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August 15th, 2013
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On 27th August The Australian Beatles and Jumping Jack Flash will perform in the world’s biggest hotel/casino, The Venetian Hotel, Macau.

By collaborating with leading international show producers,The Venetian’s aim is to develop unique productions that will feature their own in-house entertainers of world-class standards. With a lineup of regular weekend concerts by some of the world’s top international artists and entertainers, the Venetian Theatre is the preferred venue for the most exclusive performances.

Adding to this exclusive, world class lineup are the boys from the outstanding tribute bands ‘Australian Beatles’ and ‘Jumping Jack Flash’. This is yet another feat for these incredible show stoppers who now regularly perform to packed venues all over the world. Lucky for us they are based in Australia!

Well done fellas, I know its only rock and roll but WE LOVE IT!

Venetian Posters


August 14th, 2013
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Andy Fraser and Stuart Halusz , the energy behind comedy/stage combat/improv duo ‘Hollywood Heroes’, have been working hard over the past few months creating a Shakespeare more accessible to today’s youth.

The show is called Shakespeare Shenanigans and through the exploration of Shakespeare fight scenes such as the fatal duel between Hamlet and Laertes, Macbeth and Macduff and even quarrels between some of Willy’s more feisty female players, the Hero’s have been winning over youthful audiences across Perth. With strong backgrounds in stage combat, Andy and Stuart show how these fight scenes came to life at the time of first performance (1500’s) whilst educating the audience about the characters, the context, the costume and, of course, the weapons. And yes, the show is incredibly mindful of safety; taking the audience into the details of a ‘safe’ fight – best carried out by trained professionals!

Shakespeare Shenanigans is a road show with a wonderful ‘Globe Theatre’ set design travelling to schools and festivals delivering a new perspective on Shakespeare, dead or alive…

“My Year 10 Drama students had just finished a unit of work on Shakespeare and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to see a professional production covering a number of his works, in an engaging and highly entertaining performance.   Four of my students were thrilled to be given the opportunity to join “Shakespeare Shenanigans” onstage – whilst this caused some nervousness at the start, the students came offstage absolutely buzzing. Andy and Stuart’s manner and banter immediately grabbed the students in the workshop component and the work was perfectly-suited to the student’s interest and abilities.” Sacred Heart College (as part of the 4ARTS festival in 2013)




August 7th, 2013
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Big Sky’s Matty T Wall entered into the Swan Basements regular music outburst, Gignition, a few weeks back.

This high energy gig has seen bands from all styles and backgrounds perform to a wanting audience. Matty had the honour of closing the night as the final act… and this is what had to be said of him in a review from

‘…The decision to conclude a night of rawk and punk noise with some stinging, blue-eyed blues was deft, as Matty T Wall proved his technical chops by playing guitar behind his own back and maintaining a slick legato even when aggressively shredding all over his fretboard. Capably backed by some well-poised bass and a drummer who knew how to use his kit as a palette rather than simply an anvil, Wall’s Spillane-esque storytelling illuminated an atmospheric number packed with femme fatales and grimy machismo; one of the night’s most compelling moments.’ – Christopher James

For more info on Matty check out his Big Sky profile page through the link below.

Matty T. Wall 4