Busy bees

This has been a very busy week for us all at Big Sky, with artists performing all over the state and country.
At Curtin University this week we have had:
The incredible ZAP Circus
Two’s A Crowd – a guitar/vocal duo and the next brain child of the wonderful Reilly Craig,
Gabriella’s Vibe, the stunning Gabriella Scornavacche and Valerio Fiorini and…
the brassy Stratohorns.
At a WA Mine Site, Australian Netballer Andrea Gilmore held a Netball Clinic and this weekend, to liven things up even further, The Jonny Taylor 4-piece band is performing.
Guitarist and singer Bevan Spiers is performing at A QLD Mine Site this weekend and back in Perth 2 beautiful and enormous butterflies will be performing at a Spring Fest!
Enjoy the beautiful days to come.

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