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Big Week For Big Sky!

It’s been a big week for everyone here at Big Sky Entertainment, with NAIDOC week happening in full swing we had Phillip Wally Stack Duo and the Bartlett Bros rocking out up north at various mine sites, where we also had the All Stars doing a 4th of July Rock Show!

The corporate events for this week had some great talent to set the vibes, with performances from Mario The (Almost) Magnificent, Chill Divine Duo, Robbie T, Bravo Singing Waiters and Nikki Dagostino! Also, a lot of private events with some great performers throughout the week too, including DJ Dyson and Matt Swift!
Although a lot of our clients are corporate companies, we have a lot of entertainment that caters for private events – whatever the demographic, style and size!

Also, excitingly – the production “A Perfect Specimen” opened on the 2nd! A Black Swan Theatre production that tells the tale of a travelling freak show and the true story of its star attraction, Julia Pastrana, the ape-woman and her husband / manager, Theo. This production features Igor Sas, a new talent on our website and also one of our company directors – Rebecca Davis! We also had the pleasure of having some of our favourite roving performers at the VIP Post Show! Tickets for this show are $30-$55 and it’s running until the 17th of July! We highly recommend catching this one before it goes – not to be biased ;-)

If you happened to have caught any of these acts whilst they were out and about this week or over the weekend, we hope you enjoyed them and if you were interested in having them for one of your events (mining, corporate or private) feel free to call us on 9388 6762 or send us an enquiry through our website! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and we will check back in with you next week – remember to stay warm!!



For some people, tax time is somewhat like Christmas and is up there with one of the most exciting times of the year, whilst others try their hardest to ignore it for as long as they can (until the tax man comes around and reminds them that they can’t do that anymore).. But along with all the mixed emotions of tax time, a busy week for us here at Big Sky also comes with it!

This week we’ve had some of our favourite corporate companies enjoy some amazing talent, celebrating that EOFY in style!
IKEA would have been serenaded after Eddie Staszak’s performance, the Shire of Irwin would have been blown away by Zap Circus’s amazing abilities and tonight Scott Vance will be taking the stage at an event held by Ron Farris Real Estate!

Up north in the beautiful winter weather, our hard working miners enjoyed two shows from Chris Franklin and then again from Renegade and James Morley & Amanda Canzurlo took the stage at one of our private events this week.

If you were one of the people in any of these crowds and you also ignore tax time – we hope this made it a lot easier for you to push it to the back of your mind!!

If you happened to have caught any of these acts whilst they were out and about this week or over the weekend, we hope you enjoyed them and if you were interested in having them for one of your events (mining, corporate or private) feel free to call us on 9388 6762 or send us an enquiry through our website! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and we will check back in with you next week!

ZAP CIRCUS - Morrocan Fire Eating - SMALL copy

Placid weeks

Good morning everyone, I trust that you are well – It’s Friday (Fri-YAY in my opinion) so of course you all are!
Hoping that everyone is staying warm in the cold but also enjoying those patches of Winter sun that we have been blessed with over the past few days.

It’s been another placid, yet fun week here with entertainment, having Mickey Shaked escaping the cold and heading up north to play (smart guy if you asked me).
We will also be having Little Belle play for Ernst and Young this weekend and Ella E will be at the Song Lounge!

We have also had the return of one our beloved showgirls – Fifi Fatale! She’s back in WA and back up on the website, so if you’re after some fantastic vintage burlesque at your next event be sure to look her up and book her before she’s off again!

Even though the entertainment side may seem quiet these past two weeks, of course that’s not the case for inside the office. With new acts being added to the website weekly and with a whole load of time and love being put into the Shakespeare 400 Festival that we have been curating! If you haven’t already checked out what we’re doing for the Shakespeare 400 Festival – be sure to jump onto the festival’s website! It’s going to be a fun filled year of Shakespearian events that will accommodate to a large array of demographics!

Much love from the team here at Big Sky Entertainment!



Well it’s official – Winter is here and has settled. It’s raining in the morning and very cold at night and of course that’s just going to make you want to stay in bed, resulting in you missing out on some great entertainment – BUT YOU MUST PERSEVERE, YOU MUST NOT GIVE INTO THE WINTER BLUES OTHERWISE YOU MAY MISS OUT ON SOME AMAZING BLUES (MUSIC)!

Although this is a quiet week for us here at Big Sky (everyone recovering from WA Day long weekend), we do believe this is the calm before the storm, with a few weeks coming up that are absolutely jam packed! It seems as if everyone is getting ready to celebrate End of the Financial Year, well the ones who are in the good books with the taxman will be celebrating!

And of course we have some great new entertainment on our books this week, Velvet Amps being one of them – Perth’s first all female cover band who is made up of some of our absolute favourite female artists. Made up of 5 – 6 sassy chicks, Velvet Amps are perfect for weddings, birthdays, corporate and even your mining events! A must to check out!

But like I said – quiet week this week, so a quiet post for you all! Remember to stay warm everyone and we hope to see you enjoying our performers at our events around the city!

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Phew! Better late than never…

It was such a busy week last week and the weekend ran away with me as well so huge apologies for this very late “hurrah” to all our wonderful performers who delighted so many people those last few days. Last Wednesday, the City of South Perth hosted the vibrant and wonderful 1950’s Roller Waitresses at their Pioneers and Elders Luncheon.
Purple Bra Day and Red Nose were both observed beautifully at a WA Mine site. Ruth Battle and her hula hoops and aerial performer Yvonne Jones both contributed their talents to Purple Bra Day and Red Nose Day was joined by the Little Belle Trio and Matthew Hale, comedy Hypnotist.
Facepainters, balloon twisters, suave and hilarious Mario the (Almost) Magnificent and Clare Stace as MC all aided a charity event for children with special needs.
Komodo Music D and incredible ice carver, Flint Edwards performed for a high school ball and those stunning Bollywood dancers performed for a 40th Birthday.
The indefatigable Beth Sheldon and Libby Hammer were an all singing, double bass and banjo playing, lasso-tricking roving duo of pure Wild West spirit at a western themed birthday party – talk about raising the roof!
Enjoy your week, one and all!

300kb Roller Waitress1

End of Financial Year Functions – book your band now!

Some of us might be feeling we’ve only just recovered from New Year but the rest of the world ticks on and it’s now time to start thinking about the End of Financial Year functions and events. And this is where Big Sky Entertainment can help, with a dizzying array of spectacular bands and entertainers on our books, no corporate event need suffer from a lack of pizazz! Here are some ideas to get you thinking about how you can turn your event into a night to remember…

The Amplifiers are a stunning 6-piece band, guaranteed to get your crowd up and dancing.

The Amplifiers

The Amplifiers

Another 6-piece band, Hi NRG is made up of immensely talented musicians and vocalists who are able to recreate the classic party tracks of the 60’s through to the present day, taken from the genres of Pop, Rock, Motown, Funk, R&B, Reggae and Latin.



C’est La Vie, with it’s double-female power front, vocalists Geetha and Shameem have both performed extensively locally, nationally and internationally. The interaction between these two exotic and vivacious women makes for a highly entertaining performance.

C'est La Vie

C’est La Vie

Flash Nat and the Action Men say, “You name the venue and we’ll bring the party!” Covering all styles of music from 80’s soul, disco funk, rock ‘n’ roll and all your favourite hits, comes together a highly energetic and vibrant band.

Flash Nat and The Action Men

Flash Nat and The Action Men

Murphy’s Lore barely needs an introduction. Continually performing for the premium venues, agents & corporate clients throughout WA, their performances feature outstanding vocal and instrumental talent that only experience and enthusiasm can provide. Combined with a repertoire of classic rocking, dancing songs, Murphys’s Lore are worthy of their premium status.

Murphy's Lore

Murphy’s Lore

For something totally unique, look no further than iSQ. Boasting completely original arrangements and reinterpretations of artists spanning from The Beatles to Gotye, from Metallica to Amy Winehouse, iSQ’s repertoire is ever-expanding, offering up loved modern classics on classical instruments.

iSQ String Quintet

iSQ String Quintet

Love your Jazz? The Jessie Gordon Quartet will fill your cup with all things Swing, Jazz and Vintage!

Jessie Gordon Quartet

Jessie Gordon Quartet

For a big band sound, L.A Gold will deliver. A 7-piece band, L.A Gold boasts a versatile repertoire, which includes favourite hit party songs spanning the past five decades. A spectacular showcase of talent and glamorous style; an unbeatable show band experience for any event.

L.A Gold

L.A Gold

Lastly, if you’re after something a little quirkier with your big band sound, look no further than Retro band. Fully costumed, this band packs one mighty sound and as well as being a feast for the eyes!

Retro Band

Retro Band