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Wild Weather and Wild Performances

It really wouldn’t be Perth without weather that keeps us all on our toes now wouldn’t it? But that’s got to be one of the reasons we all love it here… right?

Hoping that everyone has stayed cool when it’s been hot and dry when it’s been wet, we also hope you’ve been out and about amongst all the great events that have been on around Perth featuring some great performances!

New Years Eve we had Robbie T, Ric Stern, Matthew Jonath, Mario Magnificent and Viva Mexico for all the corporate holiday parties, and Katherine John & Dancers.
Up north the hard workers were treated to an amazing performance by Boy and Bear on NYE, which would have been absolutely fantastic!

On Australia Day we don’t know what would have been hotter, the weather or the performances that happened around WA!
Bubble Bikes, Explosive Dance show and 2 pierotte stilt walkers took on the Australia Day party down in Bunbury, whilst Amanda Canzurlo and James Morley jammed out at a wedding, whilst Retrofit and Wildflower Trio did their thing at some other private events and of course some great perfomances from entertainment such as Afterglo, Desert Bells, Mike Goldstein and Tim Beckett (comedians) and The Bar Ends Duo up north.

We’ve also had some great new acts added to our books that you definitely need to keep an eye on!
LA Women, The Fit Swimmers, Jeremias Sosa, Vulture Street, WAYJO, Soul Machine, Lolly Pop Lyra and many more!!


This isn’t the Spring weather we were expecting

We don’t know about you but this not the Spring weather that we have been waiting for! But none the less, a busy week still with entertainment all over the place!

We have had performances such as;
Explosive Dance performing a flash mob, Katherine John Duo and dancers performed 3 nights in a row for a retirement village, Shakespeare Shenanigans performed at a local high school and will also be performing tomorrow night for the Shire of Collie’s Arts Festival. Eddie Staszak performed at a corporate event, Robbie T and Mario the (Almost) Magnificent Magician performed roving close up magic at separate events, whilst Chinese stilts from Sensational Stilt Walking and a contortionist from Kinetica performed at Curtin Uni (Mich has sent images)
Cathrine Summers Trio are performing at a corporate event this weekend and Electrik Trio are performing at a WA mine site!

What a week right!

If you happened to have caught or know you’ll catch any of these acts whilst they were out and about this week or over the weekend, we hope you enjoyed them and if you were interested in having them for one of your events (mining, corporate or private) feel free to call us on 9388 6762 or send us an enquiry through our website! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and we will check back in with you next week!


Big Week For Big Sky!

It’s been a big week for everyone here at Big Sky Entertainment, with NAIDOC week happening in full swing we had Phillip Wally Stack Duo and the Bartlett Bros rocking out up north at various mine sites, where we also had the All Stars doing a 4th of July Rock Show!

The corporate events for this week had some great talent to set the vibes, with performances from Mario The (Almost) Magnificent, Chill Divine Duo, Robbie T, Bravo Singing Waiters and Nikki Dagostino! Also, a lot of private events with some great performers throughout the week too, including DJ Dyson and Matt Swift!
Although a lot of our clients are corporate companies, we have a lot of entertainment that caters for private events – whatever the demographic, style and size!

Also, excitingly – the production “A Perfect Specimen” opened on the 2nd! A Black Swan Theatre production that tells the tale of a travelling freak show and the true story of its star attraction, Julia Pastrana, the ape-woman and her husband / manager, Theo. This production features Igor Sas, a new talent on our website and also one of our company directors – Rebecca Davis! We also had the pleasure of having some of our favourite roving performers at the VIP Post Show! Tickets for this show are $30-$55 and it’s running until the 17th of July! We highly recommend catching this one before it goes – not to be biased ;-)

If you happened to have caught any of these acts whilst they were out and about this week or over the weekend, we hope you enjoyed them and if you were interested in having them for one of your events (mining, corporate or private) feel free to call us on 9388 6762 or send us an enquiry through our website! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and we will check back in with you next week – remember to stay warm!!


My oh May!

This week has been great with Aambiance creating some fantastic ambiance up north with our miners! Matt Hale was also up there wowing the audience with his hypnotism skills!
A new act on our books, The Singing Waiters, surprised their audience at a corporate event!
Fluro Trash wheeled their funky selves around Curtin, getting the campus disco dancing!
Our Latin Dancers will also be getting their crowd dancing at their private event over the weekend!
AfterGlo will be rocking their crowds socks off, Mickey Shaked will be shaking up the place and Glen Rogers is going solo – ready to serenade the crowd at his private event this weekend

On the subject of new acts, we have had a large influx of new and exciting entertainment that we have added too our books – giving you a wider range of options for your next event!
Make sure you check out acts such as The Singing Waiters, For The Roses, Bump ‘n’ Grind, Scott Vance and The Adele and Amy Songbook!


What a week, what a month, what a year already!

What a massive week this has been for us here at Big Sky! The long weekend is looking pretty damn fantastic if you asked us! But not as fantastic as our amazing entertainment that have been out and about this week, show casing their talents and wowing their audiences!

Curtain once again, showing us how studying should be done by having amazing shows put on by Libby Hammers Flash Mob, Reilly Craig and Stu and Andy. Some times when I see the entertainment that is sent to Curtain I feel a little envious and get a little too tempted to enrol into a 5 year course just to experience these lunch time spectaculars!

Some of our favourite businesses have been giving their employees and clients a chance to let off some steam to some great talent such as Fliptease, Mario The (Almost) Magnificent, Ella E, Broken Pokers, Robbie T and Shake!

The hard workers up north have been getting down to some great shows put on by Explosive Dance and one of our new talents on the books David Mercy!! (Check him out, he’s a real treat!)
We have also had the pleasure of sending some fantastic circus and roving acts to the Merredin Show! Acts including Ricochet Circus, Kinetica, African Dancers, Bubble Bikes and Flame!! If you’re popping into Merredin on the weekend – make sure you go to the show. It’s a real blast and the talent is going to make it even better!

Was I lying when I said it’s been a massive week here at Big Sky!

If you happened to have caught any of these acts whilst they were out and about this week, we hope you enjoyed them and if you were interested in having them for one of your events (mining, corporate or private) feel free to call us on 9388 6762 or send us an enquiry through our website! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and we will check back in with you next week!



Here we are, at the end of February! How did we get here so fast, where did the time go?
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – time flies when you’re having a whole load of time and I can confidently say that our clients have been having a whole load of fun!

The hard workers of our mining sector have been enjoying Phoenix King and Ben Merito, whilst the hard workers of the corporate world have been having just as much fun with artists such as Box Party and one of our new beautiful talents Holli Scott, as well as Little Bird and the classic Anderson. The talented cellist, Laura McFadden eased everyone back into school at Curtain last week and this week they would have had some real fun with Slam Dunk Clowns, Flurotrash and Professor & Student on stilts! Curtain really know how to make studying that little bit easier, don’t ya think?

Of course our private clients have been having a blast too – entertainment such as Michael Elezovich and the gorgeous Cathrine Summers.

What are you all doing tonight? Are any of you heading to Bather’s Beach in Fremantle to see the wonderful Missy Higgins play? Well if you are – you’ll see one of our amazing young talents Ella E supporting her! How fantastic is that!

I don’t know about you but I’m ready to start marching into March! If it’s anything like February I know we’re going to have a good time!
I hope you all have a great weekend and I’ll catch you again soon!

Big love from Big Sky Entertainment!

Ella E Banner

Merry Christmas to all!

It’s been another busy week, filled to the brim with the festive spirit. In corporate events around the city we’ve had some wonderful artists perform. The gorgeous Brooklyn Duo, one of our newest artists – the stunning Jess Mews and her incredible hula-hoop displays and Mario the (Almost) Magnificent have all performed at corporate events. They’ve been joined by the wonderful accordionist Eddie Staszak, the Gypsy Jazz Duo, Amanda Canzurlo band, Little Belle, Edwards de Bozo and the 1950’s Roller Waitresses, to name a few.
It couldn’t be a lovelier time for parties and weddings and Box Party and the All Star Showstoppers have been there to add to the joy!
Incredible circus artist and street performer Aidan Bayliss performed this week at a community event and the WA Mine Sites have hosted O Entertainment’s Flash Mob, Laser Tag, The Moonshine Trust band and the Ragdoll Stilts.
We’ll be back after Christmas to take you through to New Year but for now, have the merriest and happiest of Christmases from all of us at Big Sky Entertainment!
_MG_5674 copy

It’s beginning to look a lot like…our busiest time of the year!

It’s our busiest time of year, so busy we haven’t had a chance to champion all the terrific performers we’ve had performing over the last week…until now!
There have been corporate events galore in the lead up to Christmas and this is just a smattering of the talented artists who have performed. Acoustica, Xmas Wishes, Gabriella’s Vibe, Amanda Canzurlo Trio, Lachy Reid MC, The Anatomically Incorrect Gentlemen, Matt Swift (Magician), The Mill Point Quartet, Toy Soldiers Stilts (Toodyay Chamber of Commerce Xmas Event) and Chris Franklin (comedian).
At Curtin Uni the Lipstick Rollers, Michelle Smith Harpist and Glenn Rogers (guitarist) performed.
It’s also the season for weddings and parties and Robbie T performed as did the Ambrosia Trio – twice!
The Mines sites rocked to 90’s grunge with the Nahvana tribute show fronted by Justin Burford, who also played a solo gig. More very soon, now that this week is almost over too!
The Anatomically Incorrect Gentlemen [formal wear] [Libby Hammer and Jessie Gordon] [160 crop] Photo by Nik Babic HIGH RES copychristmas-wishes-jpeg-2-copy

Giddy Up!

Another great week at Curtin this week with a veritable smorgasbord (why are smorgasbords always veritable?!) of performers strutting their talents.
As part of the Christmas Drive Appeal, the gorgeous 3-piece vocal group, The Christmas Wishes performed roving sets.
On Tuesday for the Melbourne Cup celebrations the “Jockey on Horseback” Stilts performed.
Wednesday hosted another musical roving trio – the stunning Glacius.
CC and the Elferly Brothers performed roving sets with acoustic guitar, banjolele and uke on Thursday.
Friday and Pride – who better than Famous Sharron? She was seen in all her glory at the Rally and Parade.
There were many Corporate events this week and more coming up this weekend.
The wonderful Amanda Canzurlo Duo performed at QV1 for the Melbourne Cup.
Lachy Reid and Chris Murphy performed, with Chris strutting his stuff solo at another event. Komodo Music DJ’s were performing this week as was the wonderful magician James Sleight at a community event. This weekend, the lovely and talented Ella E is performing at the Australian of the year Awards and Mickey Shaked is playing at a wedding.
Have a lovely weekend everyone.


Snuggle up with Big Sky

June 21st, 2015
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There have been plenty of ways to take advantage of the winter chill by revelling in the talents of the Big Sky artists who have performed over this week and weekend. The stunning Laura Bernay duo performed for Webb & Brown-Neaves at the launch of their new display home “Toorak” on Wednesday. One of the Komodo Music DJ’s played at Como Primary School’s major event on Friday and the wonderful Eddie Staszak took shopping delights to a whole new level performing at IKEA over the weekend. Mickey Shaked was a wonderful choice for a wedding on Saturday and the talented Howie Morgan performed at two WA Mine Sites over the weekend. And don’t forget that the lovely Ella E is performing tomorrow night as part of The Song Lounge at The Ellington on Monday night!