Can you believe that it’s already one month into the New Year? They do say that time flies when you’re having fun and believe us, we’ve been having fun – and we hope you have been too! We also hope that you’ve had a fantastic Christmas and New Years – it’s been that long we’ve spoke! Time flew by so fast during the silly season that we started to lose track of it! Over the fun filled silly season we had the opportunity to send some of our performers to some great events across the state! Ensuring that our hard working miners still got the chance to get into the holiday / festive spirit, we sent up some great acts such as Proud Mary, Andrew Winton and The Vans! Spending Christmas and New Years wouldn’t have sounded too bad for them!
Back down locally you may have caught Blue Beats in Mandurah, or maybe our very mystical Mermaids caught your eye if you got the chance to end the year of 2015 at Matisse Beach Club! Whatever you did over the holiday period we hope you enjoyed it as much we did, though sadly it’s time to admit that the silly season is over and it’s time to get back to work, even for us here in the entertainment industry!(who would have thought). Though just because the silly season is over doesn’t mean there’s no more room for fun – the mining sector and many of our corporate customers have shown us this over the past few weeks, putting on events for their employees across the month with some fun filled entertainment from us such as Eerie Ann, Midnight Rambler Trio, Adam Hall and Kinetica!
Whatever the event, corporate and even private – Big Sky Entertainment is your one stop shop for all your entertainment needs, whether you need music, circus, comedy, magic or even a saucy burlesque show; we’ve got it all – so give us a call or send us an email, we’re filling up fast with bookings for this year but there’s always room for more!

Andrew Winton Preview Photo 1

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