Big Sky’s Matty T Wall entered into the Swan Basements regular music outburst, Gignition, a few weeks back.

This high energy gig has seen bands from all styles and backgrounds perform to a wanting audience. Matty had the honour of closing the night as the final act… and this is what had to be said of him in a review from

‘…The decision to conclude a night of rawk and punk noise with some stinging, blue-eyed blues was deft, as Matty T Wall proved his technical chops by playing guitar behind his own back and maintaining a slick legato even when aggressively shredding all over his fretboard. Capably backed by some well-poised bass and a drummer who knew how to use his kit as a palette rather than simply an anvil, Wall’s Spillane-esque storytelling illuminated an atmospheric number packed with femme fatales and grimy machismo; one of the night’s most compelling moments.’ – Christopher James

For more info on Matty check out his Big Sky profile page through the link below.

Matty T. Wall 4

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