New addition to Big Sky’s books, Matty TWall, is blowing away the Perth Blues scene with his smooth licks and velvet vocals. As a guitarist, Matty wrings raw emotion from single notes, stretching and bending the strings of a Les Paul into sounds both persuasive and human. While he is capable of blazing fast leads, he also drives the beat with a percussive punctuation and solid assurance. With his vocals, he coils along the lines of the guitar. ‘I enjoy using my voice as another instrument,’ he avows. He says that his songs are primarily riff-driven, and he complies his musical notations into a catalogue of 50-100 concepts that he can call up when lyrical inspiration takes.


“In my 10 years of doing sound at the Perth Blues Club, MattyTWall may be the closest to what I was hoping to find at a Blues Club anywhere. A 3-piece that really knows how to play and a repertoire where originals hold their own against the classics; that and soulful playing with great guitar tone make Matty TWall a band you should go and check out soon!

– Rik van der Velde, soundman for the Perth Blues Club and the FlyByNight in Fremantle.


Matty TWall

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