I swear it was only April yesterday, until I looked at my calendar and we seem to be well into May – I can smell christmas in the air and it’s scary! 2016 is moving too fast for my slow little feet – how about you guys?

I’ve said it before and I will say it again – time flies when you’re having fun, or when you’re just too busy to look at the date most days!

We’ve been having some real fun here at Big Sky over the past month, with Gala Events and Mine Sites, Corporate Functions and Private Parties!
It’s amazing where we just happen to pop up these days – don’t be surprised if you’ve ran into on of our fantastic performers in the past month!

I don’t know if you’ve heard but we are actually the brains behind the Shakespeare 400 Festival that is taking place in Perth right now – it’s why were all running around like a chook without a head, make sure you go check it out ( This year is a big year for Shakespeare as it’s the 400th anniversary of his birth AND death so we are doing wonders around Perth to celebrate this!

Other than that, of course our usual entertainment entertaining!
We hope everyone else has had a good week / weekend!
If you happened to catch any of our acts whilst they were out and about this week, we hope you enjoyed them and if you were interested in having them for one of your events (mining, corporate or private) feel free to call us on 9388 6762 or send us an enquiry through our website!
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and we will check back in with you next week – I won’t leave it for another month I swear!Head cut low res-1

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