November beckons…

This wide, brown land has been thrilling to the talents of our Big Sky performers this week and the thrills continue this weekend. Shakespeare Shenanigans continued it’s magical metro tour, performing at Perth Modern School and PLC. The brilliant Matt Hale, comedy hypnotist is at Rigby’s Bar tonight. The stunning Fifi Mondello Trio played at Curtin uni this week, joined by ZAP Circus, jazz harpist Michelle Smith and Enchanted Stilts. The sultry Sirens performed at an event on the replica of the Duyfken, the first known European ship to have arrived on Australian shores. Adam Hall and the Velvet Playboys performed at a corporate event, as did those extraordinary Kinetica contortionists. Explosive Dance did The Colour Run at Langley Park and Face painters and Komodo Music will be up at th mines sites this weekend. Jean-Luc Marinai wowed audiences at a corporate event with his up close magic. The beautiful Lize and band are also hitting the corporate events as are the wonderful Hi NRG. The Midnight Rambler Duo performed at the 60th Anniversary of a local primary school, much to the delight of staff and students! Chill Divine, that truly divine duo are performing this weekend at a private event and former footballer (soccer), Stan Lazaridis will be visiting the mine sites in WA. The Brass Monkey’s will be rocking a QLD mine site and although I know there are others I’ve missed, my fingers are aching with typing out the marvellousness and I’m done! Happy weekend!


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