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For some people, tax time is somewhat like Christmas and is up there with one of the most exciting times of the year, whilst others try their hardest to ignore it for as long as they can (until the tax man comes around and reminds them that they can’t do that anymore).. But along with all the mixed emotions of tax time, a busy week for us here at Big Sky also comes with it!

This week we’ve had some of our favourite corporate companies enjoy some amazing talent, celebrating that EOFY in style!
IKEA would have been serenaded after Eddie Staszak’s performance, the Shire of Irwin would have been blown away by Zap Circus’s amazing abilities and tonight Scott Vance will be taking the stage at an event held by Ron Farris Real Estate!

Up north in the beautiful winter weather, our hard working miners enjoyed two shows from Chris Franklin and then again from Renegade and James Morley & Amanda Canzurlo took the stage at one of our private events this week.

If you were one of the people in any of these crowds and you also ignore tax time – we hope this made it a lot easier for you to push it to the back of your mind!!

If you happened to have caught any of these acts whilst they were out and about this week or over the weekend, we hope you enjoyed them and if you were interested in having them for one of your events (mining, corporate or private) feel free to call us on 9388 6762 or send us an enquiry through our website! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and we will check back in with you next week!

ZAP CIRCUS - Morrocan Fire Eating - SMALL copy