The Weather We’ve All Been Looking For

The weather we have all been waiting for is finally here! We’ve been seeing a lot of short sleeves around and we’re loving it!

We’re also loving the performances that we’ve had happen over the past week..
With Bizircus’s Roving Stilt walker, Robbie T, Mark Pascoe, AViiDA and Adam Hall & The Velvet Playboys holding down all of our corporate events, ZAP Circus and Renegade stole the stage at some fantastic community events and Ragdolls & Explosive Dance (Bavarian Dancers) made their way up north to get the party started for Rocktober Fest!

And of course, this week has been just as good!
Cathrine Summers wowing the audience at Mandurah Performing Arts Centre Morning Melodies show, whilst Lisa Harper-Brown and pianist stealing the show at a Mandurah Performing Arts Centre celebration event and Black Swan had the absolute pleasure of having ARCO at the Black Swan State Theatre Company’s 2017 season launch.

The corporate gigs around the city this week have been absolutely amazing with performances from some of our great acts such as; Viva Mexico Duo, Shrinking Violets, Ashley Arbuckle Solo Fliptease Circus (Lollypop Lyra), Cathrine Summers Trio, ZAP Circus (Purple People Show), Mario The (Almost) Magnificent, Cameo Rascale Duo, AViiDA, Chris and Sherri Murphy and MC Darlene Gianoli!

But that’s not all for this week, Zatanna has the private events covered whilst Fine Company heads up north!


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