Warming up Winter

As the days get colder and colder, Big Sky is providing entertainment to warm up any gig that you throw at us!
This weekend is going to be a hot one with some of our fantastic acts such as Robbie T and Matt Swift doing close up roving magic and stage shows for corporate gigs, or other acts such as Aambiance Duo, Nikki Dagostino, Eddie Staszak and Oompah Band at an International food event this weekend! We also have some great acts such as Bravo Singing Waiters and Velvet Amps spicing up some private events!

Uni break is also over but that doesn’t mean that the fun ends for the students of Curtin University with some great acts roving around the grounds such as Glimmer Stilts, Blue and White Fairy and two very lanky Lizards! The start of their semester was also spiced up by Midnight Rambler Trio!

If you happened to have caught or know you’ll catch any of these acts whilst they were out and about this week or over the weekend, we hope you enjoyed them and if you were interested in having them for one of your events (mining, corporate or private) feel free to call us on 9388 6762 or send us an enquiry through our website www.bigskyentertainment.com.au! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and we will check back in with you next week!


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