Mysterious, Provocative and Truly Seductive!

A statuesque and vampish performer, Fifi's striking visual aesthetic brings to the stage exquisite and polished acts that are sensual and graceful. Evoking a sultry and smoky atmosphere, she captivates her audiences, daring them to escape into the glamour of hedonic eras gone. Opulent costumes and props with ornate beadwork give and authentic antique and vintage style, while Fifi's hourglass figure, ivory skin and cascading ebony hair make her a true femme fatale.

Fifi draws inspiration from the Belle Epoque and Victoriana eras to the decadence of 1920's Paris and Weimar Berlin and the silver screen sirens of the 1930's.

She has graced international stages in Australia, Switzerland, Austria, Lebanon, Italy, Spain, Brussels, Ireland and even the small islands of Guernsey and Jersey, performing at such notorious places as The Ritz, The Four Seasons Hotel and infamous cabaret venues including The Pigalle Club, Volupte and Madame Jo Jo's.

Past clients of Fifi's include grand Casino (Basel, Switzerland), Universal Studios, Renault Clio, London Fashion Week, The London Film Festival and has delighted both corporate and private audiences alike.


SIREN - Inspired by the golden age of Hollywood and the Follies Bergere, Fifi slinks onto the stage in a sumptuous and stunning vintage silk ostrich boa show coat peeling off satin gloves. Watch as rose petals fill the air to climax in a breath-taking fan dance with 6ft white fans.

THE POWDER SHOW - Evoking the provocative era of Belle Epoch showgirls and heady glamour. Exquisitely beaded and embellished matching corset and lingerie are revealed beneath a slinky silk and devore evening gown. Stockings slip off and glistening powder fills the air as Fifi sensuously powders herself with a large powder puff.

LA VAMP NOCTURNE - A scintillating and raunchy striptease and fire act inspired by the original Parisian vamps of the 1920's. Slinking onto the stage in plumes or cigarette smoke and smouldering in a vintage beaded dress and velvet cape, Fifi slowly teases and removes her attire before a seductive fire show.


"I enjoyed your show immensely, Dita Von Teese had better watch out!" - Adam Ant (Singer of Adam & The Ants)

"I always enjoyed working with Fifi, she is one of the more versatile performers on the London scene who work within the boundaries or a darker, sexier and smokier era of entertainment." - Chaz Royal, Producer, London Burlesque Festival

"Fifi Fatale's demure yet powerful presence on stage epitomises the style of classic burlesque we love and promote in The Tassel Club. She radiates class and style and adds a sultry richness to every show I programme her in." - Sarah Colohan, Producer, The Tassel Club & Cirque du Cabaret Events

"Fifi is the only burlesque artist we'll book. She has a classic look, flawless delivery...burlesque at it's absolute best!" - Missy Void, Producer of Club Antichrist.

"Exquisitely delicate, Fifi brings to the stage a fragile beauty likened to the audience of The Art Nouveau era. She will have you transfixed as she puts you under her ethereal spell." - Producer of Elysian Nights.

''Fifi Fatale is classic burlesque grace, she's confident and her timing is rich and seductive, she draws you in''. - Kelly Cook, Director of Twisted Vaudeville Circus, Perth Fringe Festival, Australia 2015