Four On Six - The Violin Guitar Duo with a difference

Four On Six - The Violin Guitar Duo with a difference

FOUR ON SIX the violin-guitar duo with a difference – class, fun, romance, groove, nostalgia... everything a music-lover could wish for!

FOUR ON SIX’S diverse and ever-expanding repertoire includes Gypsy Jazz, Brazilian Choro, Tango, Bossa Nova, Samba, Waltz Musette, compositions from Scandinavia, Beatles and tunes from the Great American Songbook. In short, if they love it, they play it!

The duo’s infectious good humour and passion for what they do create a unique atmosphere. For Gillian and Charly nothing beats performing live, communicating with an audience and sharing the fun and enjoyment.

FOUR ON SIX have recorded two CDs, and delighted audiences from Perth all the way to Sydney and back as Travelling Performers on The Indian Pacific. Gillian and Charly also play regularly with Cathie Travers (accordion) and Phil Waldron (bass) in the ensemble Salma Gundi.

Gillian Catlow, free-lance violinist and founding member of the Australian Chamber Orchestra, spent 20 years in Germany and Austria playing with the Salzburg Camerata, Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Bruckner Orchestra Linz, Intermezzo Quartet (Hamburg) as well as recording and touring extensively with the James Last Band. Based in Perth since 1997, Gillian directs the Kaleidoscope Ensemble, performing shows and running workshops for young audiences. Gillian says the shift away from her classical roots to playing the Four on Six repertoire has been the most natural and rewarding move she has ever made in her long and eventful career.

Charles (Charly) Hoernemann began his performing career at 17 as guitarist and youngest member of the Luxembourg Theatre Orchestra. After working as a recording artist in Paris, Brussels and Cologne he moved to Munich, where he quickly became the most sought after studio guitarist. The enormous list of artists he worked for include the Bellamy Brothers, Limahl, Gillian Scalici, Luciano Pavarotti, and he can be heard on dozens of soundtracks such as "Young Indiana Jones", “Peter the Great” and "The Old Man And The Sea".

After reconnecting with Gillian in 2009 he eventually moved to Perth with his 26 guitars and has never looked back!



“Four On Six music band at Kazoomies last night. We were feeling a full house of good food, good music, great atmosphere, and swirling dancing movements with the best view of the water front! Thank you, all those who gave me the privilege to be your host” - Nimrod Kazoom-chef @ KAZOOMIES – E-Shed, Fremantle Port

“Guess who's back??! The gorgeous Perth based acoustic duo known as Four on Six. We were fortunate enough to enjoy their diverse and beautifully executed range of songs on Sunday March 8th as part of our ten year birthday celebration and we loved them so much we've asked them to come back! Come enjoy them with us this Sunday, you won't regret it!” - Millpoint Caffe Bookshop

“Thank you, THANK YOU Gillian and Charles for making the exhibition opening at Atwell Gallery such a huge success. If there had been more floor space more people would have been dancing! It was such a happy night and you made for a wonderful atmosphere.” -  Sally Watts, artist

“I LOVE this (Four on Six) CD! While there is ice and blowing snow outside, I just can't help feel like I am in Monte Carlo with a big white hat sipping something expensive while I am waiting for my contact with the plans MI6 asked me to obtain.
Thank you so much for the lovely music!” Tom Burns, Ottawa

“I enjoyed your music very much as I always do! Inspired!” - Mitzi Drysdale, Artist