GET BACK - Acoustic Duo

GET BACK - Acoustic Duo

Phil and George get together in Get Back and break out the acoustic guitars to perform the all time great classics. From heartfelt ballads to the 'gotta dance' rockers, Get Back play it all in their own style of Acoustic Rock. 

Phil Firkin

Phil was heavily influenced by the great popular music artists of the 50's, 60's and 70's and has played in a number of bands in Perth covering the great classics. Phil is also a member of the Rock 'n' Roll show band 'Chain Reaction' in which he provides lead vocals and rhythm guitar. 

George Janicki

George started out playing in garage bands and quickly turned professional, undertaking tours around Australia and overseas, as well as numerous recording sessions. George has been a prominent guitar teacher in Perth and he has performed with well known artists such as Little Patty, Alison Durban, Slim Dusty, Johnny O'Keefe, Russell Morris, Jef St. John and John Farnham. George has also played in a number of Perth bands.