Their performance had a lot of energy and got everybody in a rockin' mood and was just really great overall." Jay from The Opening Set

Johnny Law has been gigging around Perth since 2001 and rocks a hot blend of rockabilly, 50's style rock and roll and country/retro inspired sounds. He has toured extensively throughout Europe and the USA, constantly developing and absorbing influences and inspiration from the global music community. He has played at many major music international festivals including Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Festival, Las Vegas, Nervada // High Rockabilly Festival, Callafel, Spain // Rockabilly Day Festival, Antwerp, Belgium // Greazefest Rockabilly Festival, Brisbane // Wintersun Rock and Roll Festival, Gold Coast and Cruise Inn, Amsterdam.

Johnny is currently working with a huge range of talented musicians from around the globe to record a new original album, his fourth release over the past seven years. 


The Pistol Packin' Daddies

This line-up includes Jon Matthews on lead guitar, Neil Bushby on upright bass, Matthew Hanson on drums and Johnny Law himself on vocals and rhythm guitar.


Are you looking for 50's rock and roll but for a SMALLER event? Apart from th main line-up Johnny Law also regularly performs with 'Little' Jon Matthews as a raw, acoustic rockabilly duo which perfectly suits smaller venues and occasions.

Harry Deluxe 

Johnny also works closely with well-known and much loved WA swinging, retro inspired songbird, Harry Deluxe. With vocal talents to rival some of the hottest swing and rockabilly icons, from Ruth Brown and Etta James to Janis Martin and Wanda Jackson, this 'swingabilly filly' can belt out a ballsy tune that will knock your bobby socks off even with the most mellow cats and kittens, and then soothe your every ill with sexy, colourful crooning. Harry's hot blend of kitschy-cool classic covers and sassy original tunes make her one truly unique entertainer. Put her together with Johnny Law and the Pistol Packin Daddies and you have a match made in heaven. Be prepared for a smokin' rockabilly event!