STILTWALKERS - sensational stiltwalking

STILTWALKERS - sensational stiltwalking

Stilt-walking that looks SENSATIONAL! 

We have some of the most fantastical costumes and characters you have ever seen on stilts! From gorgeous Butterflies, the delighful Lipstick n Lolly, spectacular Angels, and BIG hearted tall Clowns! 

Our huge variety of huge characters makes us a great option for ANY event- no matter how large or how small. Add a touch of the surreal, the impressive and the unique to your next function! Our presentation is always immaculate and professional. 

Featured above (left to right) 

Arabian Nights::Medieval Love Story::Alien Robots::Aussie Star Butterfly::Chinese Stiltwalkers::Daisy Flower::Disco Daphnie::Ice Fairy::Lollie

Other acts include (but not limited to!): 

Miss Cheevious::Peggie Clown::Fruitloopy Clown::Pierrot::Marie Antoinette & Louise XVI::Dragonflies::Star Princess::Butterflies and Lipstick n Lolly.