For such a simple instrument Deb “Spoons” Perry certainly makes it her own...

A W.A. Symphony Orchestra performance, World Champion Title, Finalist on Australia’s Got Talent, playing on stage with some of Australia’s top artists, producing viral Rocking Spoon’s Clips for Warner Music, performing at festivals and events throughout Australia, including numerous radio and television appearances.

After a performance at Oz Harvest’s CEO Cook Off in Sydney, DEB "SPOONS" PERRY taught 1000 people how to play spoons.

Her 2014 Fringe World Perth Festival Shows were well received and nominated for an award.

DEB performed at Exhibitor Live in Las Vegas for a large American Events Company, SPOON EVENTS.

Recently she brilliantly performed and taught 1600 people how to play spoons in the Sydney Opera House for TEDx Sydney 2016, attempting a Guinness World Record for the Largest Spoon Ensemble.

DEB also readily continues to participate in numerous community events and often visits education and aged care facilities.

With her percussion background and using her body as a drum kit, playing to many genres of music with her extensive array of spoons from around the world, learn how DEB has taken them from her kitchen and onto the world stage.

DEB will take you on an extremely, joyful ride into her world of spoons and her energetic, positive attitude inspires and motivates all ages be they 3 to 93 to, “have a go”. DEB finds all her spoon experiences have been extremely rewarding.

All DEB's sessions are tailored to fit the attendees, be it a performance or as an inspirational speaker who can include participation.

Perfect for a Dinner, Conference, Team Building Session, Energiser, Office Party, Special Event or Exhibition.


"Deb, you are a classic - I loved the way you built through the performance. That is the best spoon act I've ever seen." - Tom Burlinson, Australia's Got Talent

"That was hot like a jalapeno - Grandma, you rock. There is no one that I've seen here tonight that rocked the band, inspired the audience and got us all up - that was magnificent." - Danni Minogue. AGT

"A silverware fox. It's an extreme sport and I wasn't joking." - Grant Denyer. AGT

"In my time at Warner Music Australia I've been lucky enough to interview and work with a lot of big name artists form all over the world, but I've gotta say the most charismatic and likeable personality I've ever encountered is a spoon playing Grandma from Bridgetown, Western Australia named Deb Perry." - Michael Corbett. Creative Content Manager, Warner Music

"...such dexterity the crowd were on their feet yelling for more." - The Gold Coast Bulletin

"Deb was great, keeping us entertained with an array of music numbers during the night. Both the audience and the group who joined Deb playing spoons enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks deb, you are a very talented lady who knows how to entertain." - Trudy Clothier. Wescarpade Motoring Event. Camp Quality.

"Not only did they enjoy themselves but the learning that took place clearly justified the workshop. Your enthusiasm and obvious love of your art were evident to all who took part and the overall success of the activity was directly attributable to your ability to include everyone from Kindergarten to Yr 12." - Ed de Ruiter, Principal Mukinbudin District High School

"Thank you for being a great role model for us fifty-something year olds."