Aambiance - Jazz Bossa Blues Fusion

Aambiance - Jazz Bossa Blues Fusion

A combination of refinement in musicianship, delivering a top class performance, that creates a lasting memory.When they perform together, it can be said, that the audience is captivated by their onstage musical story, as to hear a pin drop.

Together, Marisa Leoni & Priam Bacich are Aambiance.

Marisa Leoni

Bilingual Vocalist,  Marisa Leoni has a raw stage presence with the innate ability to connect to the human spirit through the message of song.

Marisa's fusions of vocals are complimented with a sprinkle of Latin and oriental music dessert to sharpen the ears of the most discerning listener. .

Having a career performing in front of royalty, top government officials and on TV, Marisa has developed a refined international diplomacy through song, delivering a story of hope and peace to the world.

Priam Bacich

Priam Bacich can be compared to the most skilled of surgeons.

Bacich has cultivated a rare quality as a guitarist, in the ability to combine both substance and emotion together with technical process.  This is no easy feat and shows years of dedication to his craft.

Bacich' resume boasts performing together with some of Australia's most refined jazz musicians, such as Trumpeter, James Morrison.

Aambiance specialise in performing selected songs in various languages, which include Japanese, African, Portugese and Italian!