Bomba Latin Fusion - A contagious and authentic sound

Bomba Latin Fusion - A contagious and authentic sound

Bomba Latin Fusion (BLF) was born in 2016 from a communion of talented Perth musicians with years of experience in the local scene, playing in various bands with diverse backgrounds, both, cultural and musical. The epicenter of the band came together from its South American members who experienced the feel and groove of the Latin American musical scene in their natural hometowns Peru, Chile and Colombia. 

Miguel, band leader, guitarist and singer, takes the role to direct the band members to embrace a true feel in the execution and interpretation. The percussion section of the band, which blends Afro-Cuban tradition with a modern World Music take, is also formed by South American musicians, which keeps the true Latin feel intact.

The front men address the audience in English or Spanish to suit the occasion. The band does not create cultural boundaries, nor narrows its musical audience with its unusual repertoire; all the way around, BLF embraces and celebrates multiculturalism and plays with that natural energy of Latin American music to engage people of all backgrounds. South Americans will enjoy 'the imaginary journey back home' when listening to the band and others will discover a world of fun with the tunes played by BLF.

The target of the band is to entertain party goers with the contagious stamina embedded in the popular Latin American mainstream hits from the last 30 years. The band lineup uses a typical “Rock setup” (drums, bass, keys & guitar) empowered by a strong Latin percussion section (congas, timbales, bongos) and brass or accordion.

BLF does not hold anything back, the aim is to fill the dance floor right from the start until the end of the show. The repertoire varies from Santana classics, classic Latin pop, to recent Latin radio hits from Carlos Vives, Juanes, Daddy Yankee, Mana and other Latin American legends.

BLF suits festivals, private functions and parties, bars, pubs or larger venues.