For The Roses - Fresh and Organic Dynamic Duo

For The Roses - Fresh and Organic Dynamic Duo

For The Roses is Perth’s freshest and most organically dynamic duo. Creating beautiful, unique arrangements of songs both old and new by mingling folk sensibilities with a jazz/soul punch, For The Roses will whisk you into a dream or have you grooving in your boots.

Ronan Chapple is a multi-award winning pianist and Jazz Honours graduate from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. Combined with fellow WAAPA jazz vocalist graduate Anna-Kat, described as “the love child of Tim Minchin & Regina Spektor” (Sally Newman of Lyrical Infusion & Wedding Celebrant), these artists will bring enchantment and class to any event.

FOR THE ROSES deliver a bespoke musical touch to cocktail functions, private parties, weddings and corporate events.


"For The Roses comprises the unique and captivating vocals of Anna-Katarina Hicks alongside the brilliant keyboard skills of Ronan Chapple. They're a very exciting, fresh duo that I know will instantly turn listeners into fans with their unique and captivating performance that offers something genuinely different. It's a bonus they're incredibly easy to work with." - Bourby Webster, Director, North Street Music / Perth Symphony Orchestra.