LATIN MUSIC is one of Australia's favourite authentic Latin bands. Much sought after and with a diverse range of styles, you will be spoilt for choice! 


LOS CHASQUIS: Music from the Andes of South America. Performing on pan-pipes and flutes, thrill to the evocative sound of the Andes mountains including countries such as Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile and Argentina. Sung in Spanish and Quechua - the language of the Incas. 

RUMBA & CAFE: The explosive music of Cuba, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. Including styles such as Mambo, Rumba, Chacha, Cumbia, the repertoire includes songs from Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Santana, Marc Anthony, Gloria Estefan - Latin dance music for everyone! 

VIVA MEXICO: The most exciting mariachi music from Mexico. Mariachi music is a festive, authentic soundtrack for any fiesta. In 2011 UNESCO recognized the music as an Intangible Cultural Heritage and is now available to you here in Perth. 

SOUNDS OF SPAIN: Contemporary music from Spain including Flamenco and popular music from the Gypsy Kings, Enrique Inglesias, Alejandro Sanz and many more. 

LATIN MUSIC offer a large range of performance options from duos and trios to four piece ensembles specially designed for concerts, festivals, corporate events, school incursions, community workshops, weddings and general celebrations. Performing in gorgeous, traditional costumes, the ensembles light up the stage and can entice a crowd with their roving act, a 3-piece acoustic Los Chasquis group.