DAKOTA - authentic rock outfit

DAKOTA - authentic rock outfit

What do you get when a world of professional muso's merge on the West Coast of Australia? You guessed it...pure, adrenalized Rock 'n' Soul. And thats DAKOTA.

But this isn't your average band. Spawned from a number of professional original acts both in Western Australian and the UK, DAKOTA is an eclectic mix of Classic Rock and Soul in its purest sense. 

DAKOTA is a combination of Male and female Vocals with stunning harmonies, lead Guitar, Keyboards and a Bass and Drum rhythm section that could level a cell block!

DAKOTA delivers an onslaught of sound to quench the thirstiest punters of Rock and Soul. So if you're looking for a band that delivers then look no further. Do yourself a favour and rejoice in the songs that forged nations, just as you'd expect to hear them...

DAKOTA offer a great selection of songs, professional PA and lighting, a good professional attitude and a dynamic atmosphere that can make your event something to remember!