Eclipse - Perth's newest premier party cover band

Eclipse - Perth's newest premier party cover band

Having emerged in early 2017, Eclipse are a fresh breath of air in the scene. We are a group of four trained and dedicated musicians, obsessed with our craft and set on delivering incredible performance standards.

With a keen eye for understanding our place in the overall curation of an event, we pay close attention to the details that ensure our presentation and our song lists are tailored specifically to every show we perform.

Each special event has a set of characteristics that make it unique, and so, we can be requested to perform as either a full band or as an acoustic trio to give venues and event organisers alike the flexibility to choose what will best shape their event’s atmosphere.


Big sound. Big energy. The band gives you the full spectrum of sound for good times and endless nights. This option is suitable for guests that will want to dance all night.

Vocals: Nicola Murdoch-Cooke

Electric Guitar: Jack Maher

Bass: Rachel Farag

Drums: Nathan O’Brien