Liberte Band - Changing the way people think through music

Liberte Band - Changing the way people think through music

Liberte was formed in 2015, the band is a ten piece indie/pop/funk/rock band focused on music aimed to motivate people to know their worth.

Their first single “Upside Down Town” received the attention of the A&R Department in Sydney and was published through the label. The song went on to be played internationally as well as being featured on foxtel, played on local community stations as well as commercial stations mix 94.5fm and 96.1fm as well as internationally in places such as York, Rio, Berlin, Tokyo, South Carolina, and New York.

The band had the privilege of performing for the heads of Google, Instagram, and Facebook at the 2017 World Wide Web conference. They have tackled a fair few political and social issues through their music as well as focusing on mental health in their last show “Personality Disorder Catalyst” which sold out to a captivated audience at The Ellington Jazz Club.

In 2017 they also released new single “Let it Burn” their anthem for the underdog and the band’s own personal fight song. This song also received commercial airplay has since been played on multiple stations.

Liberte also plays a range of pop/funk/jazz cover songs and can cater to corporate events with a variety of classic and new hits.