ROKCHIX - A saucy, glam rock and roll show!

ROKCHIX - A saucy, glam rock and roll show!

A saucy, glam rock and roll show that will make you get up and shake it!

RokChix - A Rocking ‘Classic Queens of Rock’ Show with a cheeky edge playing homage to the original Rock Chicks. If you are all about singing, dancing and shaking yourself loose, RokChix is the answer! Bring your girlfriends!

And thus it came to pass that on the Seventh day the Lord created woman. And yea, those women should rock unmercifully, and in her almighty image, she created RokChix. 

Well, not really, but that sounds far more glamorous and important than a couple of tarts discussing their next musical sojourn in a staff toilet at the Herdies. 

RokChix is the lovechild of Perth identities Donna Greene & Jaime Page. The girls wanted to start a saucy, naughty rock and roll band with the spectacular effect of making you dance, whether you wanted to or not - and that is what the RokChix rep does in Queens of Spades.

If you love classic female glam rock as much as we do, you will be smitten. We have chosen some fave songs by Joan Jett, Suzi Quatro, Tina Turner, Heart, Chrissy Amphlett, Pat Benatar and more.

Craig 'Candy' Skelton and Michael 'Basher' Burn have jumped on board with their hard and heavy rhythm to help bring you to your knees!



Donna Greene is – in every sense of the word – a rock and roll warrior. Donna has travelled nationally and internationally as an acclaimed entertainer in many arenas, from slick corporate to explosive, full-production rock and metal shows. Donna’s amazing voice and commanding stage presence has allowed her to don many musical hats with style and grace. She has the rare knack of being able to interpret the works of other artists like few can, be it Dusty Springfield’s sultry croon or Robert Plant’s exotic wail, with a presentation to match.
Donna Greene, the consummate Rock Chick, continues to entertain, enlighten and inspire her audience.

JAIME PAGE – Guitars/Vocals

Jaime Page is one of Perth’s most accomplished, renown and gifted guitarists. When you see Jaime play, you see a musician that loves her art and thrives sharing the joy of music. Sometimes dark, often smiling and even playful, Jaime gives her all and enjoys flaunting her artistry on the lighted stage. Yes, she’s a charismatic Diva with talent to burn and sets her audience alight without apology.

Career highlights include a stint with Perth hard rock/metal legends Trilogy, power metal band Black Steel, and the ‘piece de resistance’ the song Resurrection, recorded by drum legend Cozy Powell (Whitesnake/Rainbow/Jeff Beck/Black Sabbath) and then re-recorded by Brain May of Queen. Jaime Page’s Dark Universe is the most recent highlight of her formidable career. 

CRAIG SKELTON – Bass / Keyboards/Vocals

Primarily Craig is known around Perth as a keyboardist/bass player for various tribute bands including Deepest Purple - Deep Purple, Houses of the Holy – Led Zeppelin and the KISS tribute ‘KISStake’. Craig is an accomplished multifaceted musician with professional experience in composing, arranging, orchestration, song, musical direction, conducting and live performance across a wide range of genres.

He is a multi-instrumentalist (bass, keyboards, voice, guitar, didgeridoo, percussion, drums) and has toured Australia, Asia, North and South America with various bands.

MICHAEL BURN – Drums/Vocals

With over thirty years’ experience in the music and recording industry, Michael is a well-established and highly respected drummer in the Australian music scene. He is a creative, colourful and musical drummer with a powerful groove. His ability to adapt to different styles and genres has seen him perform, record and tour with many Australian artists including legendary rhythm and blues outfit Matt Taylor’s Chain and pop sensations The Chantoozies. Michael has also performed with many vocalists and musicians from some of the country’s finest bands including Boom Crash Opera, The Models, Rose Tattoo, The Angels and Moving Pictures.
Along with the other members of the band, Michael is currently recording with WA guitar legend Jaime Page on the latest Dark Universe project. Michael also performs with iconic WA rockers, The Jets.