STRUNGOUT - rockin' string ensemble

STRUNGOUT - rockin' string ensemble

The instruments may be classical but StrungOut rocks.

One vocalist, two violins, one viola, one cello, one double bass. 

Led Zepplin, Eurythmics, Jimi Hendrix, Peter Gabriel, AC/DC. The Beatles, REM, Ray Charles, Pink Floyd, Sting, The Who...

Who said these rock, pop and soul classics could only be played with guitars, keyboards and drums? 

Steamy Spanish nights at the revered music bars Boca del Lobo and Contraclub. Hot happening bars in London's Camden Town. A park on a warm sunset evening in Western Australia.

From sweeping arrangements of Queen to raw renditions of Red Hot Chili Peppers. StrungOut dives into the grooves of James Brown and Stevie Wonder, and discovers the mexican roots in Abba's Fernando. The Rolling Stones' Backstreet Girl never sounded so bitter-sweet and Pink Floyd's Money has a sound of it's own.

Classical instruments that cook up an electric sound.  

StrungOut is the brainchild of vocalist Tim Hood, who approached arrangers Timonthy Kraemer and Bill Thorp with the idea of reworking a collection of classics for string quartet, double bass and voice. 

Travelling with the arrangements Tim Hood now fronts a separate StrungOut in London, Madrid and Perth, Australia. 

StrungOut's stage presence, versatile repertoire and unique format bring a touch of class to any occasion and make them the ideal ensemble for a successful and stylish event. 


"They were fantastic and so well received - everyone was talking about them, including the caterer and we will be sure to recommend them for future events." - Renee Bennett, Director of Events. EECW