Andrew Winton - Sophisticated Blues Soloist

Andrew Winton - Sophisticated Blues Soloist

Multi award-winning songwriter and lap slide specialist ANDREW WINTON shows you how a cypress tree root from Alabama became the Lucky 13 double-neck, 13-string lap monster, in his innovative and captivating display of acoustic music, suburban song stories and vocal mayhem!

ANDREW is known for his on-stage warmth, humour, and stellar musicianship. He is also recognised for his diverse musical styles with influences ranging through blues & roots, folk, jazz, gospel, funk & country/bluegrass.

ANDREW continues to attract audiences overseas and at home with his incredible lap slide playing and unique collaborative instrument designs. ANDREW has toured Australia & internationally numerous times, and was named the Australian Songwriter of the Year 2012 by the Australian Songwriter’s Association in conjunction with APRA.


"Andrew Winton has been recognised, both here and overseas, as one of this country's finest lap-slide guitarists" - Sydney Morning Herald 

"Winton is a wizard on the lap-steel." - Rhythms Magazine 

"Winton's beauty is the clarity of his playing. It's uncluttered, easy to get your head around and a joy to listen to as the music dances to the warm enthusiasm of his lyrics...a local release with world-class potential." - The West Australian