Beyond The Faerie Door - A magical faerie installation!

Beyond The Faerie Door - A magical faerie installation!

BEYOND THE FAERIE DOOR is a magical installation of wonder and imagination, with storytelling, craft. bubbles and show. Delightful for all ages and especially those who still believe in magic!


At the beginning of each day there would be a 30 minute interactive theatrical show.

Faerie Flame would welcome the audience by ringing a Singing Bowl, telling about the magic of the Faerie World, singing the classic “There are Faeries at the Bottom of the Garden” and taking them through the process of making a wish. Faerie Flame would then give each person special magic star dust to begin their journey – Beyond The Faerie Door.

Faerie Flame would then meet and greet each person throughout the day and give them their special Faerie or Pixie name and special magic star dust before they enter.

As one enters the Faerie Door, one is greeted by 2 beautiful faeries set in a mystical setting of flowers and shimmer. There the children will go and put on faerie or pixie wings at the faerie wing station. They will then proceed to the activities table for magical activities, to the throne for story telling and then to the wishing well to make wishes, The capacity would be 30 people at a time – 15 on the activity table and 15 for stories. Then as they finish, they go to the wishing well, put a wish into a river pebble/ glass bead and then put the stone into the wishing well.

No food or drinks would be allowed into the Faerie Zone.


The activities would be themed to suit both boys and girls. We have a range of activities to choose from. For ease and grace, we suggest one activity for the 5 day booking. Activities range from but not limited to:

  • Pixie dust in pixie jars
  • Popstick garden faeries and pixies
  • Wand making
  • Sand craft on cards
  • Dragon marionettes


“Absolutely fantastic fairies, very friendly and sweet, my nieces loved their experience with them” – Steph 

“Beautiful and magical! Thank you for making my daughter feel special on her 11th birthday” – Tia

“Wonderful, the children loved it! Thank you” – Kate

“Truly magical, the girls came out and declared they love fairies even more than ever. Thank you so much!” – Karen

“Had a wonderful time and lovely fairies. Jasmine raved! What fun! Thank you” - Amy