Danilo Da Paz - A Brazilian Accordion Full Of Flavour

Danilo Da Paz - A Brazilian Accordion Full Of Flavour

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, at the age of 21, Danilo relocated to Perth, Western Australia to persue his music career. Playing the accordion since the age of 16, within a few years he was playing professionally with a traditional Brazilian band in clubs, pubs and festivals all over Australia, and quickly making a name for himself within the music community..

His principal musical influences have been the Brazilian music and in general the music of the Sertao in the Brazilian North-East. Danilo is further influenced by European, African and Americans sounds and this has further defined is own unique Brazilian style of music. Danilo has performed with musicians such as Marcio Mendes, Cathie Travers, Nikki Dagostino, Nunzio Moskito and Patrick Woodley.

In late 2014, Danilo began intensive study with the great jazz and tango accordionist Cathie Travers. 2 months after moving to Australia, Danilo started his own projects as a full time musician, forming the D’Paz solo and duo, an interesting mixture of all his musical influences on the piano accordion with a special percussion touch.

In late 2016 Danilo joined an Indigenous Rock and Blues band which has been performing in many places around Western Australia and performed for the “Say No To Drugs” awareness tour, sponsored by Roy Hill mining company.

Danilo also has been working as a freelancer musician, performing with many different groups and bands. His repertoire ranges from the Brazilian classics to vintages, contemporary hits, German, French and Italian favourites.