GLENN ROGERS - Guitar virtuoso

GLENN ROGERS - Guitar virtuoso

Accomplished in both jazz and classical guitar, Glenn Rogers lends style, class and sophistication to any event.

Glenn has performed with symphony orchestras, in concert venues and festivals in Amsterdam, Belgium, India and Australia.

He has played and composed in diverse styles such as North Indian, Classical, South Indian Classical, Brazilian, R&B, Bebop, Rock and 20th Century Classical.

He has composed music for numerous small ensembles for planetarium domes in America and Australia, and two interactive multi media operas 'The Horla' and 'Liminal'.

Glenn is a fantastic option for your next corporate or social event and can provide the following performances:


Featuring the fabulous singer Juliana Areias, this magical duo with Glenn Rogers on guitar will keep your toes tapping with their Brazilian tunes. 


Accomplished musicians John Bannister, trumpet/vocals and Glenn Rogers, accoustic and jazz guitar, combine the best of jazz, blues and bossa nova for any corporate cocktail soiree. These two incredible musicians (they can add a double bass player and/or drums if required) will make your event a smooth moment in time.


The music performed by the Perth Urban Gypsies is a fiery blend of Latin and Spanish rhythms mixed with jazz harmonies. Their repertoire includes the music of Chick Corea, John McLaughlin, Egberto Gismonti, Richard Galliano and The Gypsy Kings as well as their original compositions. Together, Gavin Libotte and Glenn Rogers create a dynamic duo.


Del Fuego is Cathie Travers (piano accordian) and Glenn Rogers (guitar). Del Feugo can perform as either a duo, trio or quartet and plays the music of gypsy greats such as Astor Pizzolla, Richard Galliano, Bireli Lagrene and Egberto Gismonti as well as their original compositions. As well as their virtuosic repertoire they also play gentle sophisticated ballads in the French cafe style. Other musical influences include rumba and bossa nova, samba and fast gypsy waltzes. Del Fuego is a unique and earthy acoustic group, guaranteed to impress! 


"I just wanted to extend my thanks to Glenn. He was absolutely amazing on our wedding day, we had so many compliments and it honestly made the ceremony exactly what we wanted." - Anna-Lisa Luckhurst