Jeremias Sosa - A blend of rock and flamenco

Jeremias Sosa - A blend of rock and flamenco

Jeremias Sosa was born in March 1987, his first approach to music was when he was 14 years old, picking up his old grandfather’s Spanish guitar. 

After this he started studying guitar and music theory for over 14 years, playing different genres, mainly related to rock music.

In 2013 Jere went to New Zealand for a musical trip, after releasing his first Ep “Extraños Eufemismos”, then he moved to Australia in 2014 and from this time on wards he has been playing/busking/gigging full time.

His repertoire goes from classic rock songs from the 70’ to guitar instrumentals mainly rock and flamenco, using his pedals and loops mixing old school with new technology.

Jere is super excited to have released a new album. This album has a folk soul with a 12 string texture, mixed with fretless bass and subtle vocals, going through some rock intense riff to string ensemble ballads.


“Anyone who has enjoyed the sunset beach markets in South Fremantle will be familiar with the sounds of Jere Sosa. If you haven’t, well paint you a picture real quick—you’re sitting on a picnic rug at South Beach, enjoying a delicious gourmet food-truck dinner, sipping on a glass of wine and watching the sunset—all whilst relishing in the sounds of the local live musician, who is playing chilled-out acoustic folk tunes that are making you so darn relaxed and happy you might just have to call in sick on Monday. That’s Jere”  - Urbanlist Perth