Laughter really is the best medicine...

Reduce stress, anxiety and depression whilst increasing Life Satisfaction, self esteem, optimism, joy, creativity, engagement, immunity, resilience, hope and cheerfulness - wow!

Peter Schupp from Kaizen Wellbeing was introduced to Laughter Yoga and it captured his heart and soul, leading him to follow a path of reducing stress and increasing joy from the corporate boardrooms to the ocean! A firm believer that happiness is the best predictor of productivity in the workplace, Laughter Yoga is gaining a wonderful reputation from mines sites to clients such as Cirque Du Soleil.

Laughter Yoga from Kaizen Wellbing is an uplifting, re-energising and unique way to bring life to a workplace function, corporate event - or an unforgettable wedding or birthday!

Because laughter really is the best medicine...


"I feel free and more positive, healthier! The best part was the breathing, clapping, laughing, all of it! - Ross Richardson ISAP DBL - BHBP

"I feel great! I would absolutely recommend Kaizen Wellbeing to my network." - Sheryl Brennan BHPB

"The mood for the rest of the day was great. Your session helped to put us in a good mindset for the rest of the day" - Brett Parnell BHP Billiton Iron Ore 

"I feel oxygenated, the best part was Peter's engagment with the audience." - Peter Daly, Managing Director, Beacon Financial

"I feel happy and excited! Yay! I loved the dancing part." - Rashmi. I Financial