ROCK 'N' TODDLE provides energetic and interactive performances for mini-moshers (children 0 - 6 years) and accompanying adults. Professional performers introduce age-appropriate, simulated gig experiences and popular music. Mini-moshers dance, sing and use theme related props under the instruction and encouragement of the performer.

Themed shows are repeated for a few weeks to enable children to become familiar with the tunes and develop the specialised skills set embedded in the activities. A new theme is then introduced to maintain enthusiasm and further broaden their repertoires and skills. Gigs follow a consistent format so your child is comfortable knowing what to expect.

The ROCK 'N' TODDLE program of 40 minute interactive gigs is designed to get your child/children moving, dancing, singing and participating!

Professional performers use props, puppets and stardust as they simulate real gig experiences - singing and grooving, while encouraging you and your child/children to participate in a 40 minute weekly show/set guaranteed to “rock your socks off”!

There are no pre-requisites, no pressures to perform, just massive amounts of shared energy and smiles all around.


Be a part of a new phenomenon

Enter the world of Rock ‘n’ Toddle and join the rapidly growing fan-base of like-minded, music loving families now enjoying this fresh, exciting, interactive entertainment program with their kids.

Learn while having fun

Contribute to the future success of your child, with this pre-kindy year-long program, which integrates entertainment with active learning at their most informative developmental stage.

Interact and bond

Participate in the program as a family and cherish the opportunities to bond, giggle, groove and sing with your “mini mosher” as you share and celebrate the joys of popular music. You will delight with your child’s “starstruck” gaze as they enjoy the show.

Develop varied skills

Enjoy an all-encompassing creative program that isn’t provided by other programs. Your child will be exposed to a depth of musical concepts and genres, as well as develop skills across a broad range of areas including social, vocal, dance, movement & literacy.

Grow confidence

Provide your child with the opportunity to grow in this nurturing and inclusive program with an emphasis on building con_dence rather than achieving outcomes. There are no pre-requisites or pressures to perform, just massive amounts of fun.


 “We enjoyed Rock’n’Toddle immensely. The performers are wonderful and enthusiastic, and the format is varied and fun. It was also great to talk to other parents.” - Karen, Oliver (3years) & Tom (12months), Mt Lawley.

“We love Rock 'n' Toddle! We love that it is very inclusive, perfect for all abilities. There is no right or wrong way to rock. Great also for more than one child per carer as one on one instruction is not required. A great up beat way to start the day!” 0 Lisa and Annika (3years), Dianella.

“Rock ‘n’ Toddle provides children with a unique opportunity to experience movement and structured play-based learning that blends fine and gross motor skills with musical appreciation, whilst also fostering creativity and child-centred independence. Current research supports programs such as Rock 'n' Toddle which introduce physical education and pre- lit skills prior to kindergarten. Early exposure to such skills has been identified as a predictor of school success." - Claudia (Early Childhood Education Specialist Teacher) and Waitana (4 years), Yokine.

“Hugo loved the interactive themes and the rockin’ music! After seeing how much he enjoyed himself and how exhausted he was afterwards I would definitely recommend Rock ‘n Toddle to all parents out there!” - Gemma and Hugo (10 months), North Perth.

“Rock ‘n’ Toddle was a fun-filled music and dance experience. My children enjoyed every minute of the show. Highly recommend for children who like to have fun!” - Lara , Tobias (4 years) and (Kaden 21 months), Mt Hawthorn.


Also available for:

- kids parties

- school, kindy and day care incursions

- shopping centre entertainment

- community and cultural events