ZATANNA, QUEEN OF ILLUSION is the stage name of French/Italian-born transgendered magician, illusionist and mentalist Sylvia Marinai who was born and raised as Jean-Luc Marinai and moved to Australia in 2006. Sylvia lived her life as a man for many years and performed as Jean-Luc, The Cool Conjurer for high-end corporate shows and private functions until 2014 when she began her transition into living her life as a transgendered female. Since then, she has had the opportunity to perform for the Western Australia Society of Magician, and performed in Japan every day for four weeks in 2015 (one day as ZATANNA the next as Jean-Luc) and for two weeks at the Club Med Dong’ao in China. Most recently,ZATANNA performed in the Transtiastic Talent Showcase at Connections Nightclub in Perth, and will be performing at the 2016 Fringe World.

ZATANNA is Australia’s first transwoman magician and one of the few in the world

Early Life

Sylvia Marinai has built up quite a fan base with her stage alter ego, Jean-Luc, The Cool Conjurer and has been performing full Jme as a professional magician, illusionist and mentalist for the last 9 years. After a 6 year career as an actor (theatre, TV and cinema), Jean-Luc became a titled professional world-champion water skier; during this time Jean-Luc entertained guests working for Club-Med at a number of their resorts throughout the world which included furthering an interest and talent in magic on occasion.

She began her magician career in 1994 after working as a bartender in London as Jean-Luc, and has performed on the Club Med 2 cruise ship and in the United States, Tahiti, Acapulco, Paris, the Ivory Coast, Greece, and the Dominican Republic.
In 2006, Jean-Luc emigrated in Australia and became a citizen.

As Jean-Luc, Sylvia was awarded WA’s Magician of the Year in 2007, 2008 and 2009, and was the FRINGE WORLD 2011 Magic Slam winner (Perth). Jean-Luc also sold out four grand illusion shows at the FRINGE WORLD Festival 2013 (Perth) and her four close-up mentalism “Impossible! “shows in 2015 were sold out as well.

Over the last 10 years Jean-Luc has been a preferred entertainer to many of Western Australia’s leading agencies included but not limited to City of Rockingham, Telstra, West Coast Hi-Fi, Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, Elders, Woodside, CBRE, One Steel, the Commonwealth Bank, Bankwest, ANZ, The Sunday Times, Alliance Française, Rio Tinto, the Wild Cats.... She was also the resident magician at The Deville’s Pad and the C Restaurant. Most recently, she supported the Red Earth Arts Festival 2015 and Pink Ribbon Ball 2015.

Sylvia is now busy transitioning her shows into a more feminine presentation, but if required can perform as Jean-Luc.

What does “transgender” mean?

Identifying as and/or having undergone medical treatment to become a member of the opposite sex.


“Zatanna certainly knows how to work a room; each act involved a different member of the audience, which made it seem as though she was performing directly to each individual in the room. This added an element of exclusivity, and gave each audience member a sense of involvement.

Overall I found that ‘Zatanna’s Theatre of the Mind’ makes for a very entertaining evening. I rate this show a 4/5, because it’s engaging and gets everyone involved, also Zatanna’s charisma alone, would be enough to keep anyone entertained.” - Matthew Spence