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Auric Fortune

A mysterious and fascinating addition to your event!
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It is written in the stars – this gorgeous fortune teller will be sure to mesmerize your guests and step you into a world of intrigue, wonder and superstition. With her Enchanting hand madeĀ Fortune-Telling Booth, This mysterious sooth sayer will interact with your guests and read them their fortune, giving positive direction and affirmation.

This unique act is dubbed as a wonderful addition to an event, and offers something completely different and fascinating. As a one off creation, it will be sure to delight and impress you.

Developed from a renowned entertainment company, featuring over 200 characters, this flamboyant performer, will wow you with her charisma, charm and accuracy.

Guest can enjoy the comforts of either sitting or standing at the fortune booth, and allows for your event to be relaxed, fun and comfortable.

Roving Fortune teller acts are also available in the characters or Gypsy, Medieval or Mythical. This allows the teller to mingle and engage.

Also available alongside this is a fabulous range of stilt acts from Sharcola Stiltwalking, also featured on this site.

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