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Eve Everard – Circus Performer

Eve specialises in Hula hoops, Tight wire and Stilt walking and has traveled extensively with traditional big-top circuses in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. She studied Circus Arts in Christchurch, NZ and since graduating over ten years ago has performed her acts in 28 countries around the world.
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Eve has a range of unique LED hula hoops which are fully programmable and can highlight any logo or image of choice. She can perform walkabout/roving entertainment with these props, or light up any event with her multiple-hoop stage act.

In the past few years Eve has had several contracts with Opera Australia to perform in the Sydney Opera House(NSW) and State Theatre(Vic). She has also performed a full duet circus show featuring wire walking and hula hoops on the Carnival Cruise line at sea. Other highlights have included being the first to cross the famous Claddagh Basin in Co. Galway (Ireland) on a high wire, and performing an aerial spectacle hanging under balloons, at the height of 100ft over the Arizona desert(USA)

She holds a multiple hula-hoop Guinness World Record and is featured in the 2021 edition of the book.

Now Eve is based in Perth and performs Roving entertainment (Stilts, LED, Hula hoops, Fire), stage acts, full length shows, and high skilled spectacle displays (Aerial and Highwire). She also holds workshops for all ages, and can do face painting for kids.

Hula hoops – Stage act:

5 min length-6x6m stage space required, 3m+ ceiling height required.  A high energy fun hula hoop act involving multiple hoops spinning on every part of the body. This act can be performed with traditional style circus hoops (Sparkly) or with programmable LED hoops if the event is after dusk. Logos can be programmed into the hoops to highlight event sponsors, organisers or even to wish a happy birthday to someone special.

LED solo hoop show

15 mins length – 6x6m stage space required, 3m+ ceiling height required.  This 15 minute stage spectacle uses a range of hoops in an all-LED spectacle of light. The audience is treated to a unique set of circus hoop tricks, and mesmerising patterns in the movement. If the venue permits there is also the option of including flaming hula hoops in this show.

Roving Hula hoops

Eve can perform walkabout entertainment with hoops (standard or LED) which is perfect as a high energy meet and greet for parties, or interactive performance while moving through a festival site, club, or ballroom. Roving hoops are great for adding unique flair of festivity to any event.

Tightrope act High wire spectacle

5 min low (1-5m) tight wire act is available in suitable venues. This act is unique, elegant and exciting. Watch high heel walks on the wire or enjoy the graceful dance steps. Transported right from the circus ring to your event, this act will make you hold your breath.

Stilt walking charactersStilt walking characters

Eve can dance, jump, twist, turn and manoeuvre through busy crowds with grace and energy. Stilt walking can be for indoor or outdoor events, and the height is adjustable depending on available ceiling height.



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