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Guerrilla Granny – Roving Interactive Performer

Guerrilla Granny is the most inspirational woman-on-wheels you could ever wish to meet.
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Engage her as a delightful roving performer that will beguile her audience with her colourful personality one minute and tantalise them with her daring antics the next!

Her Granny Flat Installation is an endearing focal point to any festival or function. This multi-talented chameleon can be found sketching portraits, playing [and cheating] at Scrabble. If you catch her in a more spirited mood she can be cajoled into tea-bag reading with a magical, mystical edge. She is surrounded by fascinating objects that come alive while you watch

Bored with the usual compares, then why not employ the inspiring and insightful wisdom of Guerrilla Granny for your next event?

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