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Laughter really is the best medicine...
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Reduce stress, anxiety and depression whilst increasing Life Satisfaction, self esteem, optimism, joy, creativity, engagement, immunity, resilience, hope and cheerfulness – wow!

Peter Schupp from Kaizen Wellbeing was introduced to Laughter Yoga and it captured his heart and soul, leading him to follow a path of reducing stress and increasing joy from the corporate boardrooms to the ocean! A firm believer that happiness is the best predictor of productivity in the workplace, Laughter Yoga is gaining a wonderful reputation from mines sites to clients such as Cirque Du Soleil.

Laughter Yoga from Kaizen Wellbing is an uplifting, re-energising and unique way to bring life to a workplace function, corporate event – or an unforgettable wedding or birthday!

Because laughter really is the best medicine…


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