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Kinetica are highly skilled circus artists who specialise in creating stylish and unique performances to suit your theme and budget.
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There are no events too big or small as Kinetica can provide anything from roving performances and individual circus acts; to custom circus shows and full-length theatrical productions. Popular themes encompassed by Kinetica’s performances include The Roaring 20’s, Burlesque, Nautical, Tango, Spanish Flamenco, Arabian Nights, Cirque and more.

Kinetica’s performances can be choreographed to be slow and ambient, strong and sexy, mysterious, quirky, elegant, lyrical or sophisticated. The strong gymnastics and dance technique that underpins the act and choreography, sets Kinetica’s performers apart and allows them to move effortlessly from ground to air.

Kinetica collaborates with local fashion designers ‘Revolt Couture’ to create costumes that are dazzling and unique. We are also able to collaborate with musicians to create circus performances that are enhanced by the ambience of live music. Previous collaborations have included aerial performances accompanied by ‘Tenorcello’ and Spanish Guitarist Tim Andrew.



This dramatic apparatus is a crowd favourite and is iconic in modern circus. Two falls of material are climbed and manipulated by the aerialist, encompassing graceful heights and spectacular drops. Kinetica specialises in solo silks and partner silks; the ultimate demonstration of strength, trust and grace.


One of the most elegant acts in circus, this silver aerial hoop spins from a single point and demonstrates flexibility, grace and balance. Lyra can be performed either by a solo aerialist or duo aerialist on a single hoop.


A bold trapeze act combining contemporary aerial dance with aerial acrobatics and death-defying drops.


The Mallakhamb is an Indian rope that is performed exclusively by Kinetica in Australia. The aerialist climbs and performs yoga-like positions suspended only by their toes! A beautiful mix of Indian classical dance and circus, this display is dramatically different.


A flying act that combines displays of extreme strength with aerial dance. This apparatus is classically performed by male aerialists as it requires the strength of men’s gymnastic rings. However, Kinetica has both male and female straps performers.


This act delivers dizzying heights and outrageous speeds. An aerialist is suspended at the top of a rope and contorts while being spun from below.


A swinging act that will have you on the edge of your seat! Our aerialist swings and performs aerial acrobatics and drops high above the crowd on a rope that is hung from two points.



Combing handstands performed on poles with ground based dance and acrobatics. Hand balancing is a demonstration of strength and consummate skill and can be performed by either a soloist or duo performers.


Our popular contortionists can perform solo, duo or trio performances. They amaze the crowd with their mind-bending flexibility and elegant lines. This act can be adapted to suit roving entertainment as the contortionists move through and interact with the crowd.


A breath-taking acrobatic dance whereby a female dancer is lifted and partnered by a male base. This act requires incredible strength, musicality and acrobatic skill and is one of our most spectacular ground-based performances.


The Bubble Contortion Act is an elegant contortion act within the whimsical confines of a sparkling, clear bubble. The artist performs dance, handstands and awe-inspiring contortion moves inside the bubble for 5 minutes. Depending on the mood of your event, costume, music and moves can have a bright, circus-like feel or a fluid, romantic style.


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