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S'IL VOUS PLAIT - Direct from the Sydney Opera House Stage come two of its stars..
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World class Soprano, Lisa Harper-Brown is equally at home performing to an enthralled 100,000 in the Domain, Sydney or a select crowd in an exclusive setting. From Bach to Bernstein, Lisa’s expansive velvety tone transports the listener to another place.

Stephen Mould, a world renowned pianist and conductor, has delighted audiences as far afield as Munich and Stockholm, yet loves returning to Sydney’s Opera Theatre to indulge in a little music-making. His musical versatility is imbued with a contagious sense of fun and wit.

Let this charismatic duo enchant, beguile and seduce you. Whether you are planning a Gala dinner or an intimate gathering, Lisa and Stephen will custom-make your unique programme to guarantee an unforgettable evening.

Past clients include: Glaxo-Welcome, Doyles Restaurant on the Quay, The Victor Chan Foundation, The New South Wales Art Gallery, The Museum of Contemporary Art-Sydney and Museum of Communication-Berlin.

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