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Luke Forrester – Circus Juggler

A first-class entertainer, Luke is considered to be one of the best jugglers currently performing in Australia. With a winning combination of breathtaking skill and presence, Luke will have audiences glued to the stage. Performing a fresh take on juggling and classy gentleman style glass balance, this is a performance that truly takes it to the next level with feats of gravity defiance you will not see anywhere else!
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Luke is an international performer that has been entertaining crowds in 15 countries over the past ten years.

Career highlights include working with Opera Australia (AUS) at the Melbourne and Sydney opera house, performing on the main circus stage at Glastonbury festival (UK), Chinese New Year with Empress stilts (HKG), performing with Circus Vegas (IRE), showing at Carnival Cruises (AUS), performing and teaching at the West Australian Circus Festival (AUS), twice touring New Zealand with Circus Aotearoa (NZ), and most recently juggling for Hudson’s Circus (AUS) in their Brisbane season.


Roving performance:

Add color and energy to your event with ambient entertainment. Lukes roving performances are designed to be a close-up spectacle and interactive, Luke will move through the event entertaining audiences as he goes with high impact performances. Available with Juggling, LED juggling, Glass balance and Unicycle (unicycle for large area events only).

Lukes roving entertainment is ideal for large parties, festivals, corporate events and formal occasions.

5-minute acts:

These are high energy cabaret acts to be put in existing shows or performed as a solo stage act. Juggling

Mind-blowing 3-7 ball juggling followed up with flashy LED club juggling (for night time shows). A slick and polished routine with a unique flair. This act combines high level skill with intricate detail that shows the visual beauty of juggling.

Lukes juggling act has been performed in circuses around the world.

Glass balance:

A thrilling and classy performance with a nod to classic gentleman style juggling. Prepare to see the best this genre has to offer; Luke balances a glass on three skewers on his face, ties a tie with one hand, pulls a tablecloth out from under a wine bottle perched on his forehead and performs a number of unique and skillful balances with glasses all on a stick coming out of his mouth!

This is a highly entertaining edge of the seat performance to be remembered, and has been performed frequently at cabarets and corporate dinner events.

The juggling show:

A 15-min performance crammed full with all the top shelf skills Luke has to offer. The best of Juggling and glass balance all wrapped into one package.

Street Show:

A fun energetic 30-minute circus and comedy show. With skill and comic timing, Luke combines his favorite tricks and routines into one highly amusing spectacle. Juggling knives, 7 balls, spinning plates on a lucky audience members head and more. This show is an engaging smorgasbord with audience participation and plenty of laughs.

Luke has performed his street show for audiences across 7 European countries, the Adelaide fringe festival, West Australian circus festival and the Fremantle international street arts festival.


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