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MARIO THE (ALMOST) MAGNIFICENT! – The Quintessential Magician

Mario the (Almost) Magnificent has amazed ambassadors, boggled businessmen, regaled reporters and knocked out nuns....
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The quintessential magician, specialising in wandering, close-up comedy magic. He has worked mainly in the corporate sector and has spends 6 months of the every year in Shanghai, performing for companies such asĀ Chivas Regal, Microsoft, Caterpillar, Porche, Clinique, The Shanghai Peninsula, Vidal Sassoon, Bentley and Calvin Klein.

Magic doesn’t have to be serious and Mario loves to make people laugh whilst simultaneously blowing their minds. he believes that magic is at its most enchanting and powerful when it’s performed close up. Like a modern day Don Quixote, he wanders from here to there, tilting at the windmills of boredom and cynicism, leaving a trail of laughter, joy and wonder behind him.

Mario is the perfect ice-breaker for any event, offering unique, intimate entertainment that will be remembered and talked about for years to come.

Mario The (Almost) Magnificent – because Seeing really is Believing.

Or is it…?


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