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The Mill Point Ensemble is a string quartet based in Perth, Western Australia.
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Is classical music dying? With pop artists and the charts continuing to dominate preference for young audiences, the idea of classical music is seen as an aged one and its importance is becoming lost in today’s society. Balls to that!

Perth has become the home of an all new type of classical string group, Mill Point Ensembles. Aged 21-35, this group of young musicians are bringing fun, theatrics and sex appeal into classical music. This includes everything from classical to alternative performances in unexpected, atmospheric spaces around the city.

Their fresh approach to performing for young audiences transforms the classical music scene, bringing it bang up to date. By performing music written by Perth’s young composers and arrangements of pop songs, Mill Point are reinvigorating the classical scene.

Mill Point Ensemble formed in 2009 from some of the best string players at the WA Academy of Performing Arts (Adam Brockway and Adrian Yeo on violin, Alix Hamilton on viola and Beren Scott on cello). With over sixty accumulative years in practical experience between them.

Mill Point Ensemble is available as a duo, trio or a quartet


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