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Natalia is a powerhouse musician, specialising as a strong dynamic vocalist.
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Whether performing one of her own wonderfully unique tracks or stylishly covering a hit tune, Natalia’s voice is sure to move you. Early influences such as Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Whitney Housten and more recently Alicia Keys and Beyonce, play an inspiring part in Natalia’s musical journey.

Natalia recorded her debut album under the mentorship of accomplished Perth blues guitarist/producer ‘John Meyer’. At first glance of the new album, you can hear an array of styles being portrayed over the eleven track productions. Singing from the heart, Natalia draws on attention to detail and meaningful power from her lyrics to entice her audience.

Having the opportunity to work with ‘Anthony Cormican’ and ‘Michael Tan’ was another exceptional experience.┬áThese two powerhouse musicians/producers would push Natalia’s boundaries and with that, Natalia is set to release another collection of songs.

Natalia can perform acoustically as a duo or trio with a guitarist and/or keyboard player and can provide her own PA system for a medium sized venue.

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