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Pirateman Michael – A treasure trove of talent and characters!

An outlandish vagabond from another world, specialising in nautical nonsense and sea shanty shenanigans, Pirateman brings a treasure trove of talent anywhere he goes!
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From crystal ball “contact juggling”, LED circus arts and puppet characters quite literally hiding in his sleeves, PIRATEMAN is sure to leave landlubbers bewildered with delight.

He doesn’t steal treasure; he only takes a piece of your imagination and heart with him as he sets off to his next adventure bringing joy, glee and magic from the seven seas. Voyaging across Western Australia from Exmouth to Esperance, Kununurra to Kalgoorlie and everywhere in between (even to London, Canada and the USA), chances ARRR you may have seen this lighthearted pirate perform before.


“ARRR” IS FOR ADVENTURE: A nonverbal pirate adventure circus show full of laughs, tricks, puppets and ARRR’S for the whole family. Rated 3 ½ stars by the West Australia at Fringe World festival. Full 45-minuteshow or condensed 20-minute show.

PARTICIPATORY PIRATE PUPPET ADVENTURE: An interactive story telling show for kids 4-8 years old. Discover the secret treasure of adventure with only our sense to guide us and some help from our puppet friends. 20-30-minute show.

FIRE PERFORMANCES: The crimson ruby of Pirateman’s treasured antics! A progressive 15-minute show including fire contact juggling ball, illusions, mighty flaming swords and more!

LED PERFORMANCES: A 15-minute hypnotic light show include Buugeng, twin staff and poi manipulation as well as a bit of LED.

KIDS PIRATE PARTIES: Go on a voyage with Pirateman and learn all about finding treasure. With workshops, storytelling/puppetry, fun pirate games and more surprises, Pirateman will turn your child into a swash buckling buccaneer in a matter of moments!

PIRATE ARTS/CRAFTS WORKSHOP: Take home up cycling craft for the kids. Ranging from treasure map making, turning trash into treasure chests and more fantasy based themes. Children learn the values of how one man’s trash is another pirate’s treasure!

ROVING ENTERTAINMENT: A range of wandering talents and tricks from another world. Contact juggling, Buugeng, toro flux, club/ball juggling, Octo-poi, story cubes, shape shifting hermit crabs… what arrr all these doohickey’s? There is only one way to find out, see them live in action!


Inspired by the Carnivale fashion and the charisma of superheroes like Batman and Robin, Flash Fire specialises with fire. From fire eating, fire tracing and manipulation of small tools. Fire roving is impressive and great for those wanting to get up close. Fire performances are also available to entertain guests and clients. A great act to have at your next Carnivale/Samba, Mardi Gras or Jungle/Tribal event!

Wisdom, whimsy and wonder are the spells this artic wizard casts on his audience through a diverse range of enchanted trinkets. Hailing from the icy cold lands, Frost Might tries to warm the hearts of his audiences while braving the raging weathers of the Australian heat. Whether he is summoned for a medieval themed event or aiding his good friend Santa Claus, Frost Might helps kids discover the magic within themselves with his array of juggling and LED acts. Think of Mark Frost for your next Medieval, Fantasy, Christmas, Winter Themed, and family events!

This elf can ‘sleigh’ boredom with a few simple circus tricks and a smile! Twirling with Christmas coloured LED lights including staves, poi, juggling balls and S shaped staves along with silver and clear baubles all the while wishing patrons happy holidays and letting kids know to be on their best behaviour!

“Olé”! Get ready for some fun for the kids. PirataSenor and his bull Ferdinand love to run around and chase each other when holding their red poi flags. Either a one man bull fight or getting a volunteer to hold Ferdinand/the flag, the two can be seen running into the distance, a great touch for your next Mexican/Spanish Family Fiesta event!

Reawaken the imagination of your guests when they cross the thin border between the spirit world and the world of the living. With plenty of tricks and a slightly creepy demeanour, this fire inspired sugar skull character will definitely get your bones moving throughout the night. With a large range of amazing fire, circus, juggling and LED performances, this character is a must have at your next Halloween, Day of The Dead and/or Mexican event!

Appearing at nearly every Steampunk Ball since 2011 in Perth, it was only a matter of time before Pirateman began a new alias. Within the depths of his gallows gears ticked away and with many years of engineering and circuitry, he has created an automaton that does basically what he does. There are still a few g-g-g-glitches in the system and some rusted parts, but other than that this clockwork vaudevillian is r-ready to p-p-p-p-perform! What more could you want for your upcoming Steampunk, Fantasy, Vintage, Sci-Fi or Halloween event!

A cosplay character with the same name as the goblin king from the 1986 movie the Labyrinth. Performs crystal ball contact juggling. Jareth also has some “helping hands” puppets stashed away but primarily focuses on being the villain and offering gifts not suitable for girls who take care of screaming babies.


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