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Whether Scooby of Ricochet Circus is juggling three diablos high in the air, dangerously manipulating fire torches under his legs or precariously spinning more plates than you have fingers, his high-energy circus shows are guaranteed to captivate, amaze and leave the audience wanting more.
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“Whether it’s the perplexing moves of the Diabolo, the dangerously juggled razor sharp machetes or the zany quick-witted ‘fall out of your seat laughing’ comedy – Morgan “Scooby” James is guaranteed captivate, amaze and leave the audience wanting more!”

An absolutely hilarious, unique and talented performer! Had the crowd in stitches with his magnetic larrikin personality, random wit & humour and skillfully executed circus acts. A show that is enjoyable for all ages with an unforgettable “special laugh”.  An all-round first class show and a true delight to witness Morgan “Scooby” James doing what he does best!

Morgan “Scooby” James has performed for Presidents, Prime Ministers and Royalty – this is comedy variety at its best and cannot be missed!

Scooby has travelled the world performing circus shows including: Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Newcastle Quayside Culture Festival (UK), Puck Fair Killorglin (Ireland), Kulturufer Friedrichshafen (Germany), Perth International Arts Festival, Perth Eat Drink Festival, RottoFest, Western Australia Circus Festival, Darlington Arts Festival, Bathurst Catapult Circus and Physical Theatre Festival, Lavis Brothers Big Top Tour (Australia), Sydney Juggling Convention (guest act) and Melbourne Juggling Convention (headline act). Scooby also teaches regular circus classes with the WA Circus School and has choreographed and starred in numerous stage productions including Circus Oz. 

Ricochet Circus’ Scooby is an international circus artist. His ability to adapt to suit any venue makes him one of the most exciting international performers at any festival!

His many positions include director, choreographer, lead juggler, circus trainer and headline performer





Ever dreamed of joining the circus? With Ricochet’s Have A Go Circus, you can! Guaranteed to bring any event to life, Scooby arrives with his box of tricks bursting at the seams with circus props galore, ready to turn your circus dreams into reality! Suitable for kids and families, perfect for any occasion – dare to “Have a Go”!


The Kids Circus Show is an exciting circus show aimed at children and family audiences. Featuring amazing circus tricks and hysterical comedy, The Kids Circus Show is perfect for children’s festivals, family days, community events and school incursions. Duration: 15-20 minutes or 30 minutes


Ricochet Circus specialises in high impact acts which create that all important lasting impression. Ranging from a single 5 minute show-stopping act to a full hour of cabaret style variety, this is your one stop for live entertainment at your next event. These acts are perfect for cabaret style events or to energise audiences at conferences, conventions and trade shows. Each act is tailor made to suit any event: from large-scale productions in the famous Spiegel Tent, to adding that special flare at corporate functions.


The Street theatre show is a high-energy comedy circus spectacle performed by Mr. Ricochet and his assistant, Jasmin.

A show unlike any other, featuring world-class diabolo, juggling skills and hilarious comedy and audience participation. The show is tailor made for each audience and blends Australian humour with Mr. Ricochet’s champion stage presence and unique brand of comedy circus. This is not another juggling show, this is Ricochet Circus!

This show has been a feature act at some of the best festivals in the world – Bamberg Zaubert in Germany, SomerFest in Belgium, Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland, Auckland International Buskers Festival in New Zealand and Fremantle Street Arts Festival in Australia. Duration: 30 – 45 minutes


Ricochet Circus is proud to offer team building juggling workshops for conferences, staff sharing days, conventions and companies looking to add a little extra up their sleeve in the workplace.

The workshop includes useful hand-eye co-ordination exercises, juggling games and a step-by-step explanation and demonstration on how to juggle three balls. The workshop is broken down into easily obtainable goals, which use learning to juggle as a metaphor for accomplishing tasks then closes with a “daring performance” performed by Morgan and “the boss!”. Durations: By request


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