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SambOzzy Entertainment is Perth’s premier Brazilian Entertainment ensemble pioneered by Nunzio Toscano since 2015. Featuring professional and edgy Brazilian artists, SambOzzy pledges authenticity, vibrancy and quality in every performance. Guided by discipline, training, passion for Samba and love that the Brazilian culture exudes, SambOzzy’s unique Rio-Style ensemble deliver unrivalled high-energy shows, combined with distinct rhythms, captivating dancers, dazzling costumes, Capoeristas and Contemporary Brazilian Band members.

Directed by Nunzio Toscano, a master in percussion, who has taught and performed Samba in Brazil, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Greece and Indonesia.

The SambOzzy Samba showcase is a resonance of the spectacular Brazilian Carnival, from the powerful and pulsing sound of the drums to the splendid performance of our radiant Samba dancers, SambOzzy Samba brings the authentic essence of Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival – the world’s biggest party!

SambOzzy is dedicated to maintaining the highest authenticity and honour to the Brazilian culture and its roots, promoting and educating genuinely. You can be assured that every occasion will thus be an authentic and memorable occasion, taking live entertainment to another level. Let the rhythm take you and enhance your event experience with us!


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