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STILTWALKERS – sensational stiltwalking

Stilt-walking that looks SENSATIONAL!
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We have some of the most fantastical costumes and characters you have ever seen on stilts! From gorgeous Butterflies, the delighful Lipstick n Lolly, spectacular Angels, and BIG hearted tall Clowns!

Our huge variety of huge characters makes us a great option for ANY event- no matter how large or how small. Add a touch of the surreal, the impressive and the unique to your next function! Our presentation is always immaculate and professional.

Featured Acts:

Arabian Nights, Medieval Love Story, Alien Robots, Aussie Star Butterfly, Chinese Stiltwalkers, Daisy Flower, Disco Daphnie, Ice Fairy, Lollie, Miss Cheevious, Peggie Clown, Fruitloopy Clown, Pierrot, Marie Antoinette & Louise XVI, Dragonflies, Star Princess, Butterflies and Lipstick n Lolly.

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