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Zap Circus has thrilled audiences around the world with death-defying acrobatics and entrancing, flame-bursting performances!
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ZAP CIRCUS Provide world-class Corporate, Stage & Festival Entertainment.

ZAP CIRCUS is Western Australia’s ONLY internationally awarded circus and fire performance company, in fact they just won the EXTREME award in Toronto, Canada in 2015!

ZAP CIRCUS specialise in interactive and high energy performances, for both corporate and festival events, with a dedication to professionalism and safety, to deliver an unforgettable and unique show for every occasion. They have performed in over 27 countries on 5 continents, making their performers and performances truly world class.


Festival Fire Shows – “CIRCUS FIRE Spectacular!”

An internationally awarded, high energy flame and SPfx show with two performers, involving small fire and BIG fire, acrobatics, duo adagio and plenty of laughs! Culminating in an unbelievable spectacular of Fire, Acrobatics and Wit!

Festival Circus Shows – “The Purple People Show”
A hilarious, highly awarded, high energy, male and female duo performing acrobatic stunts and dangerous feats of grandeur; all wrapped in bright and zany costumes!

Duo Adagio/Pair Acrobatics
Stunning, sensual adagio and classical lifts set to an emotionally evocative sound-track, with an uplifting finale displaying amazing strength, athleticism and romance.
We also create custom Adagio Shows for unique events, such as Fire & Ice themed.

Corporate – Fire & Pyrotechnic Stage Shows
An internationally awarded show, performed in over 25 countries around the world. This high-skill, edge of your seat performance is perfectly choreographed to display the danger, elegance and sensuality of FIRE!
An unforgettable show that will ensure your event is forever remembered!

Atomic Glow Show
The Atomic Glow Show is a stunningly visual and high impact stage show. Super powered LED and special effect lighting allow for an intense and high-skill show featuring patterns, textures, dream-colour and unique hyper-programming. This stunning and amazingly choreographed show spins and twists into an extraordinarily jaw-dropping finale.
Corporate Logos, Special Messages and Custom Images can be programmed into the LED glow props within the show.

CIRCUS FREAK SHOW – Roll up! Roll up! Join the Circus Freak Show as they push the boundaries of human endurance!  See the contortionist fit into an impossibly small box, see the Fire-Eaters consume red-hot flames! See Machetes juggled through a blindfold, and be amazed by The Bed of Jagged Nails!

A-flame – Fire Eating
Be truly mesmerised as this hot couple controls the uncontrollable – FIRE! With unique and cheeky tricks, this talented duo will have you on the edge of your seat as they create and extinguish flames using only their arms, legs and mouths.
An un-missable, high skilled and seductive fire piece that will have everyone talking!

Montserrat Hula Hoop Act
Set to a classic and up-tempo beat, amazingly dexterous, and wickedly flexible – spinning hula hoops around the body in every way imaginable. This show climaxes in a visually stunning feat of 100 hula hoops spun simultaneously, as confetti flutters down over the audience.

INCENDIARY DANCE – Outdoor Spectacle Show
An evocative and stunning show combining the danger of fire with the grace and beauty of aerial dance. Pushing the boundaries of theatre, entertainment and art, an entertaining and riveting masterpiece of skill, choreography and music is born. Be mesmerised by the incendiary arts below as graceful aerial dancers light up the sky above. This raw and emotive exploration of form is unforgettable, and is the talking point of every festival visited.

Rubik’s Rumble!
A high energy, duo Rubik’s Cube Speed Solving Competition that will keep everyone on the edge of their seats! With outrageous costumes and an upbeat sound scape, this battle of the minds – and the fingers, is the perfect stand-out addition to any 80’s, kaleidoscope, rainbow or quirky event!

Mr Strong; Acrobatics, Comedy and Fire!
Mr Strong is a modern twist on the traditional strongman and assistant circus show. This high energy show inspires awe and wonder in every audience member, and will keep you laughing throughout, as everything is dangerous, but nothing is serious!

Cabaret Performances & Emcees  
ZAP CIRCUS can supply myriad different, yet equally amazing, cabaret slot performances and event MC’s! Contact us today to find out how we can add some extra flair to your next event!

Roving Performers and Stilt Walkers
Fire Performers, Jugglers, Hula-Hoopers and Acrobats amaze and dazzle your guests with intimate flames and deadly stunts as they work their way through the crowded room or festival, or greet your important guests on entry.
Roving and Entrance Greeting performers make fantastic close up photos and are a fantastic addition to every large event!

‘Workshops’ – Zap Circus performers are professionally trained circus workshop instructors and provide tailored workshops for schools, festivals, corporate team building and private events. A custom workshop can be provided at no additional cost.


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